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donderdag 19 november 2009

Miffy done!!

The last stitches on Miffy are done, than what to stitch around?....think think.... after very hard thinking I decided this:

In English it means Little one ....... (there stands the backname)
It's for a pregnant friend.
Now only make a bib of it, but I want to stitch some more bibs and wait till they are done, so I can sew them al togheter.

I started a new bib, what will be a present for Sinterklaas for Robbert (Cars boy)
He is 3 years and can say his name, so on the bib stand 'I am Robbert .......'. Now need to stitch some tractors around it, he love's tractors.

I have made 3 trousers this week, 2 for nephew Mika and 1 for Noah. The trousers for Mika are Sinterklaas present, Now only need to make the garden pants with Bob the Builder on it. Than his presents are almost done.

Before I started my blog I didn't now that there where some many thing you can stitch. Flatfold, biscornu etc... Christmas/Halloween/Summer stitches. The to do stitch list is getting longer and longer, so I will start to try to stitch for every holiday something..
So if I'm not doing enough, I started my first real christmas stitch.
It's a Dimensions pattern, and so easy and lovely to stitch...

This is what I did yesterday evening, I couldn't stop stitching, It was because I was tired otherwise I stitch through all the night.
Tonight and tomorrow evening I need to work, so hope to do some more stitching on saterday evening than DH needs to work, so I have a the time for myself when Noah is asleep...

I'm off to do some more cleaning and than go to work.

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4 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

You've been busy! Baby bibs are such a nice gift. And those little trousers are so sweet!

Cleaning and housework are such a bother!

Amarins zei

Wat is die Nijntje leuk geworden zeg, super!

Mylene zei

Congrats on finishing Miffy! It is sooo cute.

Great start on the christmas project.
Weather is cold, dark and rainy. Poor Max!!!

Katrien zei

Nijntje ziet er heel leuk uit!