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zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

゚・。.。・゚゚・。.。・゚゚・。Birthday ♥ Give-away 。・゚゚・。.。・゚゚・。.。・゚

Just turned midnight =))))
Today is the day..
The day of my BIRTHDAY!! ♥

I turned my last year of my twenties... I'm 29 years OLD now...  
(How old I now feel)
It's my Anti-30 year, that's how I call it.. lol...

But I'm still happy for every day that I have.. and how the number looks like.
Always I will feel like i'm still 24... lol!!

Then what to do with this post..
I forgot my blogoversary ( bad me) and also the give-away

♥ So let's make a Birthday give-away ♥

You all liked my felted strawberrie pieces so much..
I choose my two cuties for my give away..

Sooooooo two you can enter..

* Comment  ON THIS POST which give-away you would like to win.. it also can be both.
* Please make sure I have a emailsadres from you so I can contact you
* Let me know the favorite piece you have ever made.. I love to know that

* * * 

Give-away number 1:
The sweet big belly strawberrie

 *~*~* ♥ *~*~*

Give-away number 2:
The sweet Belle-Bien

* * * 

You like the two piece??
Give it a try..

Give it a try!!


I will leave this post with a picture of my garden.

These are only my white flowers..
Also have other colors..


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

29 opmerkingen:

Valma zei

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthday sweetie =D
Lot's of joy, and love and everything that makes you happy and smile for this new year of life, the last beginning by a 2 =D
Thank you for this chance to win one of your wonderful piece =)
of course please count me both =D
Yes, yes, yes...
it's your birthday and you offer us a present =D
my favourite piece...hummm...I think it is Clair de lune but I haven't shown it yet =D
Happy birthday again (tomorrow you make pancakes ???? =D)
big big big big birthday hugs

schloung zei

Happy Birthday Petite Anne !! makes good use of your time! ...and takes pleasure :-)
...someone told me that I had to participate at the "give-away", why not ... ;-) so count me !
What's about my favorite piece ...the next one ! :-)
Happy birthday one more time ...i heard about pancakes ????? !!!! =D

Mylene zei

Happy happy Birthday sweet friend! I do hope your birthday is as sweet as you are and your day is filled with all the things you love.

Annie zei

Have a wonderful birthday, Annette!

Blu zei

Happy birthday Annette! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Count me in for the first giveaway :D

Preeti zei

Happy Birthday, Annette !! :) wish you wonderful years ahead !!
Pls count me in for both giveaways in case you are considering international followers too.
The favourite pieces(I have to mention 2) I ever made so far are from crochet. It may not be the most attractive but the innocent beginnings behind them make them special. It is a crochet purse for my daughter and few somethings for my husband. You may see them here.

TIO zei

Wat leuk, ik doe ook graag mee en ga voor de 2e optie, al zijn ze allebei heel erg mooi.
Het fijnste ding om te maken vind ik spullen voor een goed doel.
Maar ook borduren vind ik heel leuk... Gewoon teveel om op te noemen eigenlijk :-)

♥ Nia zei

Happy birthday my sweet friend!!!!! ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ*
I wish you an outstanding day! May all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn into reality =) even staying 29 forever! Hahahaha anti-30! LMEO!!!!!
Sorry that I wasn't able to stay awake until midnight, you know that didn't happen even on my own bday :p hahaha an exception this year... Next year the baby will keep me awake all night long!! Hahahaha ;)
I'm also sorry for not sending your gift in time =/ I couldn't rush it, it needs to be perfect, just like you deserve :) it will go soon.. And hopefully you'll love it :)))) hehehehe

I love a bday Giveaway! :D please, count me in!! :D
I can't pick one favorite! Love them both :)))))
My own favorite..? Humm... That's a big question.. I make so many kinds of crafts, not easy to pick only one... I'll have to pick my gorjuss collection :) the whole family! Can't pick one girl =)

Have a wonderful day my sweet friend!! Love you xoxo

Birgitte aka Bietje zei

Happy birthday. Leuk dat je er een verloting aan vastknoopt. Ik wil graag meedingen voor Bellebien. In stilte bewonderde ik haar.
Mijn favoriet werkstuk.... Mmmmm, moeilijk hoor, want ik knutsel net zo lang aan mijn werkstukken tot ik ze leuk vind. Op dit moment ben ik wel flieft op mijn BOM Houses van Quiltecke, de kleurtjes, de stitcheries, Mmmmmmm.

marietje zei

Van harte gefeliciteerd!!! Dat je maar lekker verwend mag worden.

Wat een leuke give a way! Graag had ik meegedaan voor ze allebei, tjonge dat je ons daaruit laat kiezen, schaam je! Uit deze twee leuke dingen kun je toch gewoon niet kiezen (lol)

Veel plezier nog vandaag!
Groetjes marietje

Olga Visser zei

Meis, gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Veel plezier, en geniet ervan! 29 is niet erg, maar heel leuk, trouwens ook als 30.


Pauline zei

Haha, fijne dag hoor lieve Annette!
en moet je je eens voorstellen dat ja al 45 jaren vliegen!
Maar wees gerust, van binnen blijf je altijd dat meisje van 20!
Geniet van je verjaardag!!
liefs Pauline

Hetti zei

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Annette XXXX
Moooooooie leeftijd en nog zooooo jong in mijn ogen dan, Hahhahaaa.
Geniet van deze dag met al je lieverds en familie en vrienden,
XXXX Hetti en Rob

Pumpkin zei

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNETTE!!!! May your day be filled with family, friends and fun :o) Looking forward to hearing all about it.

I would like to enter your giveaway and I would be interested in number 2 :o) I am a follower. My favorite piece...I'd have to say my Stargazer by Mirabilia!

Daniela zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Daniela zei

Hello Annette happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! Unfortunately time passes quickly, enjoy 29, but 30 will be even better (promise).
As for the giveaway, I can't choose between them, are two beautiful, you can count on me.
The piece I liked best to do so far ... is difficult to choose, but I think the "less = more" from Lizzie Kate, it was exactly as I wanted.
(sorry I deleted de previous post, it eas not on porpuse...)

Angel zei

Hopelijk heb je een fijne dag gehad gisteren.

Wat leuk, een giveaway op je verjaardag!
Ze zijn beide schattig dus een keuze maken gaat niet lukken.
Ik doe graag mee met beide.

Zag je kado van Nia net op haar blog...zooo lief.
Hoop dat ze snel en in goede staat bij je aankomt kan je haar in het echt bewonderen:-)

cucki zei

happy birthday sweetie..
such a sweet giveaway..please count me in no.2
thank you
love cucki x

Unknown zei

hello, Anette! Happy birthday! I hope you have an wonderful day, with family, joy, happiness! my best wishes to you and your family! Please count on me in both gifts! Big hugs from Brazil!

impressão instantânea zei

Loved your strawberries! It seems it was your birthday so Happy Birthday! My daughter made her second birthday recently and her theme´s party were strawberries. You have beautiful children's. Be happy!

Bernadett zei

Happy Birthday.:)
I read that it is your birthday today at Nia's blog.:)
Nice from you that you offer a giveaway...:)
I like both gift packs.:)
I am your new follower.:)
My favorite work is my sephia baby cross stitch,which I made for my doctor,when my younger daughter was born.:)


Mylene zei

Hi Annette, sorry i forgot to sign in for the giveaway...hope i am still on the first one...A happy week!

Rita zei

Hello Annette! I just come from Nia's blog, from which i'm a friend for 2 and a half years now and i know you 2 are a great friends too. And i'm about to come to your blog for a long time, because Nia talks about you and this time i saw that it was a great day because it was your birthday...i'm a little delay, because i was on vacations, but i really hope you had a beautiful day with your loved ones!! I saw you have 2 kids, right? they're gorgeaus! I have one that just turned 2 years old:)

Anyway, i had too much lucky for being here today, because it's also a giveaway day! If your let me, i would love to participate! :) I will try my lucky on both..they're lovely!
And finnaly i'm a follower;)

All the best!!

Amarins zei

Geweldig wat een leuke give away. Heb dit berichtje helemaal gemist. Ik doe nog graag mee. Optie 1 heeft voorkeur maar 2 vind ik ook heel erg mooi.
Groetjes, Amarins

Amarins zei

Geweldig wat een leuke give away. Heb dit berichtje helemaal gemist. Ik doe nog graag mee. Optie 1 heeft voorkeur maar 2 vind ik ook heel erg mooi.
Groetjes, Amarins

Stitching Noni zei

Oh, what a lovely giveaway... Will have to go and see who won :)
I hope that you had a wonderful birthday... Enjoy being 29.... although the 30's aren't actually too bad.. You wait til you're like me and staring down the barrel at 50 (next year!!!)
Hugs xx

Carol zei

Oh, happy, happy belated birthday, Annette! Your birthday was my first day in the hospital--I'm so sorry I missed it. From your later posts it looks like you received some lovely gifts from your friends.

29--wow! I can hardly remember that age--I will be 59 in 4 months :( Now, that is ancient--ha ha!!

I hope your last year in your 20s is filled with only happy things--you deserve them :)

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Unknown zei

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