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zondag 4 oktober 2009

A finish, and a new start

Yes yes yes the cow in the dress is done!!!

And I also started on the last cow, that I hope to finish in two weeks...rofl...

The cows nee to finish fast so I can start on a lot of other pattern.

I'm also busy on a birthday card, and my felt creation, a little house, more later.

Noah has fallen over this morning and has a thick lip...aaaaaaaaaah. He cryed, and it bleed, the poor poor boy. Here is a photo

Every time I see him I need to laugh, it looks so cute...

I'm of to cook.

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4 opmerkingen:

Wendy zei

Proficiat met je afgewerkt werkje!! Ik vind het gewoon een fantastisch mooi en leuk werkje. Die tekst is heel leuk :) en eigenlijk wel een stukje waarheid.

Ben benieuwd wat je nu aan het naaien bent :)

Mylene zei

oh i sooo love your recent finish. Congrats!

cute picture, hope it heals quickly.

Monique zei

Very nice. the cow looks great and i can't wait for the next one.

have fun stitching.


Annie zei

The cow is such a cutie and so is Noah with his 'pout'. Kids are pretty resilient so I hope Noah is feeling better now.