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maandag 17 november 2014

Wanne meet my new little friend??

Hi there,
How are you all? 
Anything special is happing around thh world??
Here my favorite holiday is coming but more about that in the end of this post

First I want you to meet my new little friend, and also from the kids, because they play a lot with her.
I was making 2 things togheter.
The colors looked awesome on one pic

Looking great right?
The beginning of a little girl, and my new skirt

Both are finished.
First the little girl
Isn't she cute??
It's a dutch pattern called Eefje, I give it my own twist, and made her in to a little Angel.
Kira helped me with the details, she made the necklace and the bracelet, and put the beads on the hair flower
She also took her other dolls at her side, they needed to watch it. =)))

Kira named our little doll Fladder, cute name..

- ♥ ♥ ♥ -

Then the skirt
I love this thread, the color change is so great
(don't look at what's more on the pic, I made a quick picture, and didn't put the bed good, already got a comment about that, when I showed the pic... next time I will look better , or need to find a new pleace for a mirror)
This how it looks on me, the color change, with the light, It really looks like it on the table.
It fit great and sits very comfy... I love it!!!

- * * * -

Two weeks ago was the big craft fair the Kreadoe, where I go to every year with my MIL.
I made so much photo's, from a few I made a collage
I bought 2 colors of the beautifull crochet yarn on the right.
And ow ow, look at the boat and the other great felt pieces.

Look at the funny pic my MIL made from me in a painting with big lady's. 
( it's a special way of painting, many are making such paintings, you now it??)
The craft fair was in Utrecht, a big site in the middle of the Netherlands.
(it also was in the same building as LEGO-world from a few weeks back)
After the Kreadoe, we always go down town to look for a cute restaurant, we found a little one with many fish dishes.. ( MY FAVORITE!! I love fish)

Look how chic it all looked
It tasted so AMAZING.. really great.. 
Can't wait till next year, we already now a little restaurant...;)))

- ♥ ♥ ♥ -

Then Saterday was the day that Sinterklaas came with his boat to the Netherlands all the way from Spain.
Every day we see 10 minutes on TV what he is doing, the Pete's getting ready to spoil all the kids.
On the 5th of December is the birthday of Sinterklaas, the day he will give all the kids present.
Most of my followers will now we really love this man and all around it..
I put all my decoration in the living, and made something new but that's for another post.
Look at the kids looking to the TV-show that showed that Sinterklaas came
Every year we buy special things for lunch so the kids really can enjoy this special lunch in front of the TV ( what already was a party)
Look at the yummy carrot - cupcakes
It's a very happy time.!!

Now really need to look at my bloglovin and emails... wayyyyyyy behind.. crafting to much.. hihihi

have a great week

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

woensdag 5 november 2014

Jingles update, and some more ♥

I planned this post a few day's sooner, but you all know, there are not enough hours in a days.
But here it is..
Let's start with my Jingles Pieces!!

Only need the two big pieces in the middle and some border, that's for this and next month.
I'm still so very happy with it.. looking so great!!
Girls how are your pieces??


Then I have another crochet pieces!!
My Shrug is finished!!!

Made a pic of me wearing it, but not the best pic.

I'm in love with it!!
It was very easy to make, and I wanne make another one but then with sleeves.

Let me so you a bit how I made it!!

First you make a rectangle as big as you need it, measure for neck to bottum, and then start with chains, and choose the stitch you want to make your rows.
I used HDC.
I only had 3 pieces of yarn, so it was not that big, but it's perfect.

Then fold the long side in half

Then sew  the 2 short sides for 2/3.
The open space is to put your arms in there

And then it's finished

In the most above picture I was wearing it on a black shirt.
I also have a lovely blue one, and it looks awesome on it
I'm very very happy with it..
And I have a new love.. =))
♥♥crocheting clothing♥♥..

That's why I'm working on 2 other pieces:
A skirt, I only had 2 pieces of yarn of a AMAZING color, but not enough, I tryed it on, shown a pic to my friend, she told me I CAN'T walk like that on the street.... WAY TO SHORT... I asked around on facebook, and soon I will get some yarn in my mailbox, so I can finish it and wear it.

Also was making a bolero for Kira, and again run out of yarn, only had 1 piece of yarn, I thought that was enough for such a little girl.. need finish it off a bit, she can wear it, but now with the real Fall/Winter weather it;s to cold!
Also a little doll is coming alone nicely...
More about it all soon..

♥ * ♥

I do wanne show you a lovely braid I made in Kira's hair last week
It looked so beautiull on her.

* ♥ *

I wanne end this post with showing you a cute pic of the kids sunday morning.
Noah is learning Kira al kinds of games, and she is very good in it too
See those faces!!!

So I'm of to do some crafting.. wanne read some blogs and mails (as I'm behind again) too tonight somewhere.. 

so offfffffffffffffffff I go..

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

So much to show you..

.... so little time =))

First I wanne thank you all for helping me with sending tips and links from website where I can look for fabrics ;)
You helped me so much. ♥
Have to work 3 night shifts now, then I have  long time off, and will look at it all to order.

* ♥ *

Where too begin first???
My new Soda Stitch
It's such a beautifull piece, and fast to stitch..
As I already have done so much..
I can show you a lot of progress
I started in the evening after putting the kids to bed
And the next day, it looked like this
Page 4 was already done ( it was a easy page).
Then the next day I got another 'easy' page done
I loved that there was more colors in it now.
Then a few days later ..
Yes, now needed to do a lot more stitching, almost another page is done
The legs are there..
I only need to do the backstitches of this page and then can move on to the next and last one!!
But I put it aside, as I wanted to work on other pieces too.

♥ * ♥

The shrug is coming along great too.
I just finished the second ball of wool, now working on the third and last one.
Hope it's enough, don't have more.. but it will turn out great I hope.
Soon more about this..

* ♥ *

The crochet winter pieces for the kids
 The hat I shown before, but now with the buttom, as it was to big in the bag, patterns is from here
 A hat for under the bike helmet, own creation
 Earwarmers with beautifull white flowers , own creation
 A lovely cowl, pattern also from here
 Here you can see it all
 Noah's hat, but you already seen this one
 And made Noah also a cowl.
He is very happy with it all
I love the stitch of the cowl, it's just sc, but in back stitch - front stitch - back stitch - front stitch etc etc
I made a lovely collage of it all
Kira are ready for the cold!!
And they look so pretty in it all.

♥ * ♥

I have done another little bit of crochet.
It was time to make some things out of al those pins I did in Pinterest.
Here is Kira's new hairband
She wears it often.. she really loves it!
It also looks good on her..
I didn't know if a bif rose would be nice.. but I like it!!
Many of her clothing have this color, so she can wear it many days...

For me I made some bracelets
Bought where on the list to make for years.. finally did it!
Very happy with them

* ♥ *

Yesterday morning was a special moment.
It was the first time Kira try out on primary school ( is that the good word for 4years old?)
In January, she will turn 4 already, and 10 weeks before you can try every week a morning.
She loved it so much!!
And the first thing she did... was look for a table with a puzzle... hihihi
She can't wait for the next time.

♥ * ♥

Then lets look at what the kids did with all the apple's
It was getting dark when we finsihed them,, that's why the pic's are not that good...
But you can see what we did..
Kira put her wreath next to the front door, and Noah in the back garden in the table.
Look at how beautifull they made it all, it was so fun.. next year we will try again, and make also other things with it all.
♥ I enjoy them every day!! ♥

* ♥ *

Then to end this long post.
I have one pic from our Fall-vaction.
On Wednesday, we went to Lego-world in Utrecht ( middle of the country).
It every year, they say it's the biggest Lego event of the world
Kids had a awesome time.
They even got on the photo with the King and Queen
They look so cool.
They made this photo's, I needed to gave my email-adres, and then they would sent it.. 
How cool is that!!
We all, also DH and me, had a great day!!!!

I hear my oven.. time to eat... till next time

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Help needed...

But first I wanne show you my beautifull finish =))) ♥
In my last post I shown you that I picked up Somebunny again.
And as my needles are still on fire I finished it.. YEAHHHHH...* ♥ *
Still need to wash and iron it, but I will show you my beautifull piece
 Aren't they CUTEEEEeeeeeeeee?
I'm very happy, that it's finished, I loved every stitch on it.
The colors, the bunny's, very cute piece.
Next month will be my sewing month, I hope too finish it of in to a pillow case by then, so next Spring I can show it on my couch.

♥ * ♥

About the help.
The web is a very big thing, and for months 'm looking for different pieces of fabrics
As I told you November is my sewing month.
I just took all my vacation days, so the whole month of November I'm free/off, and at home sewing..
Many projects in my mind.
As you all know Kira is totally crazy about Frozen and princesses, so going to try and make her some dresses and normal clothing, also for me and Noah.
A few pillow cases are on the menu
For special fabrics for the Frozen dresses for Kira I gave up, to hard too look nearby

But for a other special project I'm looking for Chevron fabric.
In holland, I can't find them, only some knits, but I don't need them.
I wanne have cotto fabrics
I'm looking for the color Yellow-White and Grey-White.
Here I found a pic of both fabrics
So here is very hard too find, I know USA and China are full of them, but with very high shipping costs.

Does anyone have a tip of a store for me, maybe closer by or cheeper shipping costs where I can find these fabrics.
You would help me a lot, and maybe I will find many more projects there.
My mailbox is open ... =)))

* ♥ *

Then as My needles are really really really on fire, I'm crafting like crazy.
Yes kids still get food, house is clean and I sleep every night, but in my crafting time, projects are rolling down my sleeves...

I made pictures of the crochet hats and scarf for a next post.
I'm up too date on Jingles..

I even started up a new stitching piece, and it's getting a long very good.
But more of that all in my next post.

As last I wanne show you a crochet piece for me.
...A shrug...
I see many question marks on your faces I think..
What's a shrug??

A shrug is like a vest/ bolero, I think that's the best explaning for it.
And here my pogress..
The pic below is the right color
I'm making it from a  bit brown wool with my awesome favorite Amour needle nr 5.0
Last night finish the first ball of wool.
Also more of this in my next post.

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

Really on a roll...

.............. with my crafting
I got the tast back.
♥Having so much fun♥

♥ * ♥

Let's start with another update of Jingles.
I'm trying do get up with the rest.
As it is now October, so I wanne try and finish 10 parts, and most of the border.
I was working on Let it snow.........
........and as this is such a little piece it finished very quickly.
So I started the one next to it, and ALMOST finished, as I haven't run out of white thread .
But only a few pieces left.
I show you how my piece is looking
As you see I made it hard for my self, I made the pieces criss cross, did a bit of the border each time so I could do the next part.
I'm now working on Deck the Halls and that the one totally above left, all the colors except white.
My sweet friends Petra send me a bit of her color as she isn't using it.
If the mailmen is sweet to me, I will get it tomorrow and will try and finish the both pieces and then I'm done for the month.
I only have left the 2 big pieces in the middle and the whole border.
I think that will work out great!!! ;)))

* ♥ *

Then I thought lets dust of Somebunny, as I still love to finish it this year
Aren't those colors the most beautiull one?? =)) ♥
I'm trying to finish this do, it's to pretty to get dusty

♥ * ♥

About my crochet pieces.
Here are first pieces
( Hat where do you go with that little girl)

 Both kids with ther new winter hats.
I changed the one for Kira a bit, so need to make a new pic.
Noah is so proud of it, yesterday morning he wanted it on his head to school, and everybosy who said something about it he said back.
My mommy made it for me.. ♥ ♥

* ♥ * 

About the apples.
They are very small, and not for eating, more for decoration.
So what are we doing with them?

We are making wreaths of them..
We are not finished, as it is a lot of work.

But the kids love it..
My bucket is almost empty, and teh other apples are up high in the tree, so this week need to look very sweet to hubby with my puppy eyes, and ask if he will get more for us.. ♥ ♥ =)) ♥ ♥

So more about the apple wreath later.

♥ * ♥

Let's end this post with my beautifull flowers.
One off my favorite
I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥