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dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Help needed...

But first I wanne show you my beautifull finish =))) ♥
In my last post I shown you that I picked up Somebunny again.
And as my needles are still on fire I finished it.. YEAHHHHH...* ♥ *
Still need to wash and iron it, but I will show you my beautifull piece
 Aren't they CUTEEEEeeeeeeeee?
I'm very happy, that it's finished, I loved every stitch on it.
The colors, the bunny's, very cute piece.
Next month will be my sewing month, I hope too finish it of in to a pillow case by then, so next Spring I can show it on my couch.

♥ * ♥

About the help.
The web is a very big thing, and for months 'm looking for different pieces of fabrics
As I told you November is my sewing month.
I just took all my vacation days, so the whole month of November I'm free/off, and at home sewing..
Many projects in my mind.
As you all know Kira is totally crazy about Frozen and princesses, so going to try and make her some dresses and normal clothing, also for me and Noah.
A few pillow cases are on the menu
For special fabrics for the Frozen dresses for Kira I gave up, to hard too look nearby

But for a other special project I'm looking for Chevron fabric.
In holland, I can't find them, only some knits, but I don't need them.
I wanne have cotto fabrics
I'm looking for the color Yellow-White and Grey-White.
Here I found a pic of both fabrics
So here is very hard too find, I know USA and China are full of them, but with very high shipping costs.

Does anyone have a tip of a store for me, maybe closer by or cheeper shipping costs where I can find these fabrics.
You would help me a lot, and maybe I will find many more projects there.
My mailbox is open ... =)))

* ♥ *

Then as My needles are really really really on fire, I'm crafting like crazy.
Yes kids still get food, house is clean and I sleep every night, but in my crafting time, projects are rolling down my sleeves...

I made pictures of the crochet hats and scarf for a next post.
I'm up too date on Jingles..

I even started up a new stitching piece, and it's getting a long very good.
But more of that all in my next post.

As last I wanne show you a crochet piece for me.
...A shrug...
I see many question marks on your faces I think..
What's a shrug??

A shrug is like a vest/ bolero, I think that's the best explaning for it.
And here my pogress..
The pic below is the right color
I'm making it from a  bit brown wool with my awesome favorite Amour needle nr 5.0
Last night finish the first ball of wool.
Also more of this in my next post.

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

Really on a roll...

.............. with my crafting
I got the tast back.
♥Having so much fun♥

♥ * ♥

Let's start with another update of Jingles.
I'm trying do get up with the rest.
As it is now October, so I wanne try and finish 10 parts, and most of the border.
I was working on Let it snow.........
........and as this is such a little piece it finished very quickly.
So I started the one next to it, and ALMOST finished, as I haven't run out of white thread .
But only a few pieces left.
I show you how my piece is looking
As you see I made it hard for my self, I made the pieces criss cross, did a bit of the border each time so I could do the next part.
I'm now working on Deck the Halls and that the one totally above left, all the colors except white.
My sweet friends Petra send me a bit of her color as she isn't using it.
If the mailmen is sweet to me, I will get it tomorrow and will try and finish the both pieces and then I'm done for the month.
I only have left the 2 big pieces in the middle and the whole border.
I think that will work out great!!! ;)))

* ♥ *

Then I thought lets dust of Somebunny, as I still love to finish it this year
Aren't those colors the most beautiull one?? =)) ♥
I'm trying to finish this do, it's to pretty to get dusty

♥ * ♥

About my crochet pieces.
Here are first pieces
( Hat where do you go with that little girl)

 Both kids with ther new winter hats.
I changed the one for Kira a bit, so need to make a new pic.
Noah is so proud of it, yesterday morning he wanted it on his head to school, and everybosy who said something about it he said back.
My mommy made it for me.. ♥ ♥

* ♥ * 

About the apples.
They are very small, and not for eating, more for decoration.
So what are we doing with them?

We are making wreaths of them..
We are not finished, as it is a lot of work.

But the kids love it..
My bucket is almost empty, and teh other apples are up high in the tree, so this week need to look very sweet to hubby with my puppy eyes, and ask if he will get more for us.. ♥ ♥ =)) ♥ ♥

So more about the apple wreath later.

♥ * ♥

Let's end this post with my beautifull flowers.
One off my favorite
I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

The craft mood is back :)

Finally, but it was long gone, so it got time.. =)))
It started this weekend.
I was ill, so sat on the couch or in bed whole day, and I got bored.
My mind was working overtime in the meanwhile
I had the luck that my MIL was here for a week, so I could stay on the couch and she took care of the kids and the house.. That felt awesome....

So slowly when I got a bit better, I started to get my needles in my hand and did some stitching on Jingles... YEAHHH. I think last time was June ( bad bad me)
Silent Night was the one I started.
It's a small piece, so easy to do will lying on the couch.
I even finished it today!!
Isn't that a cute cute owl!!!

I;m back on track with my stitching part, Friday we all have vacation here, so time to craft, cook and do all fun things with the 4 of us..
Hubby and I also have vacation,  so who knows another part will be finished..

I still need to catch up 3 more parts..
I wanne finish it in December together with Rita, Nia en Noni.

As Winter is coming the kids are need of a new hat..
So lets make something.
Here is my start.. not much yet but it will come
With needle 9.0, it's very big, and going quickly
Loving it!!

As I told my MIL I had a fun idea with the little apples in my garden, she picked them for me..
isn't she the sweetest.
Soon you will see what we will do with them.
I hope it works out as great as in my mind.

♥ * * * ♥

Then something very cools..
As a child I loved horses, as teenager I love horse riding.
For many years I haven't done it anymore.. I think about 15 years.
Last time was in collage years years ago.
My SIL has a horse and told me often to get on it, but since I have kids I'm to scared.
But really wanted.......
I also have a sweet colleague with a  horse. I love her story's about it.
The idea riding a horse kept sitting in my mind.
2 weeks ago we both had the night shift together and I asked her if I could try and ride her horse.
And so last week I did it.
I can tell you it was AWESOME, I missed it so much, it felt so GREAT.
Stupid that I didn't do it in all those years, why scared!! for what ( oke she fell down it a few years ago and broke her back, but we are not thinking about that.. hihihi)
She made some pic's of me..
look at how cool it looks
It was such a AMAZING morning.
We talked about doing it in the Spring again.. ( as it was cold that morning)
Also Kira loves horses, and my colleague has a little pony, so she is going to ride one time too.
It was a experience to never forgot. and for sure never to wait 15 years with it again

Hope your all will have  agreat week, stay healty ( I will try too) and have fun crafting

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

Where did the summer go??

I got some questions about the Stroopwafel - pie.
You can find the recipe HERE. It is in Dutch.

I told you about another sweet birthday gift i got.
It's from sweet Angele ( who STILL has no blog)
She gave me the cutest hanging,and as you see it's hanging at my wall.
It's above the couch i'm sitting in now. and look at the goodies!!
Your to sweet Angele.

Then a sweet RAK.
On Noah's birthday a RAK from teh USA fell on the mat.
Look at how sweet Carol is with sending me this.
She made me a beautifull pillow with sea theme.

I always saw her beautifull piece son her blog, now I have one in my home..
So blessed.

She added a lot of goodies with it..
But not only for me also for the kids, and as it arrived on Noah's birthday he thought it was specially for him from so far. one piece is missing, a super mario thing ( don't know how to call it) you can put it on clothing, and Noah got it, now I don't know where it is.. ( need to clean more.. hihihi.. hubby is already getting crazy of me, almost the whole house I put upside down).

Dear Carol, thank you so much for spoiling me... I hope I put it all on the pic, as it was a busy week, I got it in teh closet, with other gifts, then cleaned it all, so maybe I forgot something... please tell me..
Love love the fabric pieces.
It's there with other beautifull  friend goodies..

When I open my blog I see the beautifull summer header..
Last week we where all walking in short sleeves, and short skirt.. now long sleeves, pants, and boots.
it's cold, rainy.
Summer is really over, and Fall started right away!!
While I'm doing my Fall cleaning ( yes cleaning again, I;m a bit crazy, all the closets are not save from me..) I also put out my Fall decoartion.
Most are all things I made in the last years.
The 2 white pumpkins in the middle of the window I made last week.

♥ ♥ ♥

September is gone too fast already.
Last year we lost the best and sweetest pumpkin ever.
I can't imagine it's already a year ago.
♥ We miss you Cathey ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥


maandag 29 september 2014

How are we going to call it.....

MIA - > Missing in action

AFK - > Away from keyboard

I think next we will make it

BRB - > be right back..
Better right??

Last post is from ?  ........    28th August.
Ow my..
I can tell you I don't know how this happend.
I;m still working at much as 2 months ago, the only thing changed is I sport a lot.
But thats nothings special 

But lets forget about it.. I;m back..
Still have some things to show you, a birthday gift and a sweet RAK.
But for now first Noah's Birthday.
That was the 16th of September.
My little big boy turned 6.. 
......can you believe it 6... :O :)

♥ The cutest son, who I love so much ♥

As you all know he still loves Starwars very much, so I gave him a Starwars party!
The only needles I thouched in the last 6 weeks, where for the crochet doll Luke Skywalker, that is his favorite!!
I wanted to make more, but could not find the time.
I made him his name in Lego, and gave the Starwars people the candles.
Made 3 pie's::::::
 a apple, a whipcream with eatable Starwars picture ( that I ordered), and Stroopwafelpie.
Stroopwafel is a real Duth things, I found a awesome recipe, and I loved it ( after screaming a lot on it, and made it again.. lol 
I breaded my hair in a  new creation.
You can see Noah standing on the table in school, and all kids where singing to him ( can you see his girlfriend is sitting across the table with him.. hihi ♥)
Also sitting with MIL with a special birthday dessert in the city as we went out to diner on his birthday.
He had a blast of a week..

With as cherry on the pie a Star Wars kids party
I made all kind of games with Starwars theme.. ( thank goodness for Google and Pinterest for all the help)
Noah and the kids loved it so much!!
This mother was very happy, and even more when she could sit done on a chair after a few long days!!

Last weekend we went to MIL&FIL as we do each year, because nearby them is the biggest LEGO shop of Europe, so Noah spend all his birthday money there, and bought as you can guess Lego StarWars.
Kira had some money to, so she bought a Disney Frozen Puzzle (100 pieces and already to easy)
As you can imagine the next few weeks, I don't have kids, there are too busy with there new things.
(I traid some puzzles with my neighbor this afternoon for Kira, so she is also busy)

About the sporting.
A hour ago I got back from my running, which I;m doing since a few weeks, and I running very hard, it's crazy
5 km in 24 minutes :O
But I love it so much..
I also take the kids with me often, as I not only do running but also inline skating
Kids run, and skate and cycle with me..
We are having a great time doing it..

But the sun you see on this pictures is gone I think..
We had the last hot weekend, now the fall started with rain today.

I'm working on my Bloglovin and emails..
Almost there!!

Didn't forget you all!!
Have a great week, I;m a few days off, after 5 night shifts
♥ ♥ ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Crochet post! ♥

Ow my, what is time flying by...
It's alreday end of the month.
( way behind on Jingles   .... sssssstttttt)
I have really to little hours in a day, and I;m not crafting much.. hihihi
At the moment DH is at home with severely bruised ribs.. he fell in the shower.
So I have a bit 3 kids at the moment, and school, many ( to many ) appointments..
But it's almost weekend.... and then I have to work.. ;))))))
But thankfully, we have next week. ♥

I promissed you some craft photo's
They are only crochet, as that's the only thing I have time for, and I can put it aside easly.

let's beging with a project I wanted to show the progress many times.
But I think I have never shown a picture here.
Last year at the big craft fair with my MIL, we both bought it to give it a try.
Now it's finally finished ( just in time for the next big craft fair)

Broom stick lace.. is the stitch called.
I really love it.. takes a long time to do ( for me) ;)) but I like it very much.. This fall/winter will try and do it again..
But already so many plans are made in my mind.. I'm taking it slow from now one ( read I will try)

Then I have bought over 5 years ago big black yarn for a poncho to knit.. I hatted the pattern, tryed it over and over and over and over..
didn't work for me
So it's still nothing.. 
2 weeks ago, I was making plans to make a beautifull skirt i saw on Pinterest, but first wanted to try a easy skirt for myself to see how it would do it.
I can tell you I'm happy with it
Would you see it on me???
It's a bit of a sexy picture.. so maybe now close your eyes.. and scroll down.




Closed??? Ready??
Just jocking.. I'm getting tired.... time to sleep
I wanted a short black thick skirt.. and now I have it!!
So when we have snow ( I really hope it this year ) I will wear it!!

I have another finish
Last year bought a lovely yarn, on a web-site it was used for a basket, so wanted to make it too.
One yarn = one basket..
But after reading the pattern a few times, it was a very smal basket.. what to do next then..
Then last week I was looking on my Pinterest and seeing a beautifull rug . I thought that would be nice for on my diner table too.
So I got the yarn from my attic
And got started.

The beginning.. And I saw I don't want a round shape.. I wanne a other one..
But what???
As the yarn was not much.. I could not finish it, when I'm at the big craft fair in a few months I will buy another yarn, but for now..

I have a little tablecloth, in a funny shape
How do you like it????

It's funny right?
And if I get tired of it, I put it next to my bed on the floor as a rug.. hihihihi

So the evening is starting,  I';m going to bed, getting ready for my first night shift of 5.
Hope you all have a great weekend, till next week!!

Not started a new project yet, but who know's i come up with a idea tonight.. =))))

♥ Happy crafting all ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 24 augustus 2014

Vive la France

First off thank you all so much for you awesome sweet comments about my birthday.
turning 30 was a awesome day as you saw.
I still got some lovely present I need to show you.
But I also have more to show.

Now the vacation is really over for us all. 
Kids start school tomorrow again.
But as you al though we haven't sit still.
I made a collage fom some things we did.
This weekens we had friends over from up North and saw a lot of things from where we live down south. awesome day's we had.
We went last week to my FIL and MIL who are on the camping here 45 minuten drive from. Kira sat on a horse there she loved it so much. Noah is allergic to horses so he can't ;(((
We painted, cycling, played, kiting and so much more..
But now the vacation is really over, we have to wait a few months till the next one.

* ♥ * ♥ * 

As I told you we went to France, to the Ardeche....
 ....and I wanne show some random pictures of our AMAZING time
This brown/orange folding wagen was our home for 2 weeks
When we walked out of our tent and a few meters further we walked in too the Ardeche, it's was so close. we did a lot of fishing here.
Even I catched a fish.. ( don't mine me.. really bad pic of me)
Close by we had Font Vive, a well. what was really beautifull, and from there we could clim the moutain, here a pic of the view
Here a special pictures of that view.
A bit further up the Ardeche we played with the rocks while most of us went fishing, our like me almost went away with the river :O
I love these flowers, you see them every where.
Valerie do you now the name??? I forgot
We went to a old castle town Aiguèze
Gorges the Ardeche
Vallon Point the Arc ( a brug made by nature)
We also had rain, and when you need to go to the toilet.. hihi.. you needed to walk
Just a beautifull house
The Birdge to Ruoms, 1,5 km from our Camping beautifull town
Here we went to the beautifull town Largentiere.. really beautifull DH needed to find a place to parc the car
Kira standing there adorable beautifull on a old stairs, and water in the town
In front of us we had a lot of space to play..
At the right of the camping we had the river Labaume, where we swim. and beautifull that it looked.
Also in France we braided hair, I was just done with mine.. then did Kira
♥ ♥ ♥
We drove a lot.. we where there with 6 adults and 6 kids in the age of 3 till 9, and the other family's had been there more often, so know the beautifull spots..
I really are in love with the mountains and green trees up there, the water, brigdes.. really everythings about france ( okè  expect the bugs) !!

I have so many more picture, and even more beautifull.. but I made about 1500, can't show them all..
If you have the change, try to visit France.. It's my favorite country, from when I was little and visit a France Aunt of mine.. and still are in love with it!!

* ♥ * ♥ *

After weeks of none crafting, I started with crochet this week.. also have 2 finishes to show you.
More of that in the next post.. hope it will be a bit sooner then this one.. hihi
Have a great week all

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥