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zondag 6 april 2014

°•♥ * ♥•° Lourenco's gifts and being outside °•♥ * ♥•°

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
I'm thankfully better. :))
I stopped with the morphine, only have a muscle relaxant at night, but reducing on that too. : /

I can move my head all way's without much pain, and I can do what I want again..
Only my mood for crafting is low. but that will come back =)). So happy it was for short the heavy pain, I;m not out yet but that will come.

°•♥ * ♥•°

As you all know my sweet friend Nia has a cute little baby boy. ♥
As his Dutch Auntie I made him some gift. Now that they have arrived and she has shown then on this and this blogpost. I can show them here too.

In the time she was pregnant of often talked about it and what she liked, what she wanted to have, and what she didn't could make..
My ears where WIDE open =))))

I made a pinboard on my pinterest for the baby, Nia liked is so much togheter with Valérie, so I enterend them, and togheter we gathered many idea's
Some things she made her self or are on her to-do list!!

But....... she has no 72 hours in a day

Wanne see them?? 
I'm still in love with them and I now Nia is too.

The elephant was a pin I thought of all off us.
Nia told she loved it, but is was one of her skills to make one .... ( whahaha ... she can make it everything, but I love making toys like this) . She picked out the color of the fabric.
So she know she would get this gift.. but didn't thought she would get two, a mommy and a baby

Aren't they the cutest!!

When Nia told me she was pregnant I send a little gift.
A sleeping toy

She liked it so much, so I thought lets make another one but a bit different and with blue in it.
Because when I send the above I didn't know yet it would be a boy!

 Isn't is a cutie too???
Baby Lourenco with cuddle like crazy with his 2 new friends, this one and the other white one!!
I like this one that it have a other color on the back then on the front ♥

My best winning gift is the felt name.
I knew Nia would liked to make one but I also know that she wanted to make so much that she wouldn't have the time.
So asking what she liked, looking at what she making, looking at the colors didn't made it hard to choose how to make it!

 She loved ducks, many years before she was pregnant she mafde a baby set with ducks.. so that wasn't hard to think of to make.. but the patten.. I didn't found anything that liked a bit what on my mind.
But I finally made it!! and it's perfect.

She told me she liked bears too. I saw this bears go by often, liked it so much.
I knew Nia would like it too.. so draw it and sewn it too
Added a cloud and some stars and the total name in felt was done!!
I really love the outcome.
The lettertype.. the colors and all the extra sweeties!!

 The total photo is so sweet!!
Gifts made with love , send with love and recevied with love, go look at this post of Nia

Sweetie, enjoy your gifts!!!

°•♥ * ♥•°

Yesterday was a awesome beautifull Spring day

Kids where playing, hubby was working outside ( I had some jobs for him) and he helped out neighbor.
So I was working in the garden ( don't worry I was taking it slow!!) =)))

I made a beautifull collage
The baing is from today!!
A carrot cake and a muesli-cookie.

I love the pic that Noah is jumping on the trampoline, while trying too jumping rope ( what didn't work, but the pic is still very cool!!)
Look at my beautifull tree al in bloom!!

Only beautifull pictures in this post!!!
I'm a happy girl!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

maandag 31 maart 2014

A weekend with lot of fun, but also not so

As it's the last day of the month, we begin with showing the progress of the beautifull piece of the SAL Jingles that I'm doing with Rita, and so many others!!

Here you can see the parts of January, February and March. They are looking so great. I'm totally back on schedule. I'm so happy with it.
It looks so great isn't??


I was telling you about the great weather past weekend!!

It was also because we would go away on family weekend with Dh's father and family.
We had a great time.
Kids had a blast, playing with grandpa and grandma, there nephew and two uncle's
I made a little collage of it all
Doesn't that looks fun!!!
Mini-disco, swimmingpool and a big playground

We had awesome weather!!
Still are having, and I hope it keeps that way!!!

Kids where tired so tired
Here we just got home
They slept all the way in the car back, en even still when we got home.. Noah just woke-up before this pic!!
Can you see the big cuddle with Sausage from Kira =))


The not so fun part started Friday morning at 5.00 a clock the morning that we would pack and drive off.
I wake-up with a terrible pain, I gave DH a big scare, including myself.
The pain was so much, I was getting in panic we called the doctor and my physiotherapist.
I needed to wait, because it happend all very early.
I could only lie very still, no moving, no talking nothing.. and for those who know me.. that VERY HARD TO DO

At 9.00 a clock my physiotherapist came, and Dh just got some morphine from the doctor.
It looked like it got better, so we packed and went away to the weekend off.

But the morphine was only working for to short of a time, and the bad pain attacks got even worse
Went to the hospital there and got some better morphine, and other medication also..
hihi I can smile, walk funny, talk funny.. you name it I do it.. (oke not all but more then the day before) I don't feel the pain anymore!!

I have a bad muscle spasm in my neck. ;((((
We got back a day earlier ( dh didn't wanted to stay with me like this, reither be at home), so this morning whent to a double appointment to my physiotherapist, the good news is, it's getting better.. the bad news is it can take over 2 weeks still..
Tomorrow I should have worked in the night shift  for 5 days, I don't think that is going to happen.
I walk funny, can't think straight, can't ride my bike, may not drive my car, sleep a lot.. REALLY a lot.( that's the only good thing about this). so for now, I see my kids (only can't play much with them to bad), house and the sun(thankfully) very much!!

Crafting??? what is that??? I can't do that too..
So what do you think how it it for a craft addict to not craft for 5 days??? it's even more pain.. hihi

But enough about the bad things..


I have a fun picture to show you..
They are both made on the same day! =))
Can you see the difference????
It's not the clothing.. first was with neat clothing, second with play clothing
Can you see how a proud mommy I am???

She just turned 3 years and already riding her bike with only 2 weels..
She is loving it so much..

I made her a promisse, that when she can totally do it alone, also start and stop, she get's a cool helmet like her brorther..
She really wants that!!!

So I need to take some new morphine now, and the sleep will came!!
have a great day/night all!!
Have a great April fool

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

donderdag 27 maart 2014

♥*♥ SMILE ♥*♥

It's time too smile!!
Tomorrow, we will have real SPRING weather.
The whole weekend, if will be warm and sunny.
Enough reasons to smile!!

I made a big progress on my Jingles
February piece Cheer is all done!!
Monday I will post, I hope also a finished NOEL.
I like it still so much!!


Then today my mailbox made a big boom.
And what did a found???
A little package from Portugal again =)))))))
What would it be????
2 other Jingles patterns.
Isn't that AWESOME.

Dear Rita, you awesomely sweet!!
Thank you sweetie


I'm also stil working on some Easter crochet crafts
Making a big piece, and trying out all little patterns!!
 Up will be a big big Easter bunny

Aren't those cute???
I'm going to look for more cute patterns to try out!!


As we are having a awesomely SPRING weekend, I hope you all will have a great weekend, with lovely weather too!!
Have fun and craft like crazy!
I will try it

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

maandag 24 maart 2014

Lovely Lambs by Joan Elliot!

It's Spring and it's finished!! ♥

Today we should have had rain, but i only saw sun!!

Let's hope more day's will come like that, My garden back and front are done. Flowers are getting in bloom more and more, we play in it, look at it..
All by all, real Spring time

That need the new piece Lovely lambs by Joan Elliot
I'm still thinking Pinkeep or Flatfold, and how and what.. but it will come!!
Aren't those little lambs cute!! and the ladybugs.. I love it so much!!
It was a very fun project to work on, with real Spring colors


I found a cute easter crochet pattern last year I pinned it

So this year could fins it easy, and make it..
It's a start.. wanne make more!!

Here you can find the pattern, it's Dutch, if you wanne make it and don't understand it, let me know I will help. I made a start on teh sheep, but I don't like my piece.. thinking about it still!!
Isn't it a cutie-pie???




I will end with a Springy flower!!
♥Have a crafty evening♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

dinsdag 18 maart 2014

°• Stitching - Spring versus X-mas •°

Spring versus X-mas, sounds a bit like Europe versus USA..
It's the same.

Hope you hanging in with all that snow.
Maybe this will be a bit of a happy thought for all you who are stuck in the snow.
I so love the cartoons, the songs, the girls, really everything about this movie
Disney - Frozen

°• ♥ •°

Then for my stitching part.
I have been working a bit on my LK  JINGLES SAL
Really love the fabric, the colors, the way how it looks.
It's been much counting.
Learning new things is fun, and doing it with friends is even more fun.
Here you can see all the colors pop up good.
Isn't it beautifull =)))

°• ♥ •°

Then I wanted to make a cute Spring design.
By seeing the adorable alphabet pattern by Joan Elliot in the latest The world  of Cross Stitch I fell in love right away.
I saw on Facebook a part of somewone who was stitching it.
I wanted to do the same!!
Here is my progress
Look at that sheeps, the colors, the cute cute cute LADYBUGS!!! and all the flowers and butterfly's.
♥ It's perfect ♥
A reall Spring design

I'm going to do some stitching, kids are playing with friends and hubby is cooking for us..
So have a great week, see you soon =D

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

vrijdag 14 maart 2014

~ Spring is still here ~

For the whole week we still had Spring.
For this weekend they say a bit of rain, and next week not that beautifull anymore, but for now it's really awesome.

We are enjoying it so much...
Yesterday went with Kira to my favorite garden center, I still had some gift vouchers 
( not anymore now.. lol)

♥ We had awesome time. ♥
It's a very beautifull garden centrum as you see at the above pic =)))

Kira wanted to try out all the sitting and lying pieces...
We had fun..
And I found new inspiration for many more wreaths.


I got some flowers for the garden, and Kira found a big ladybug to put in the garden
Also got it in my head to be painting some tray's and my apple crate.
I have been working so much in the garden, awesome with this weather.
I only have to cut 2 more tree's and sowing some plants then back-garden is finished.
But for the front-garden I need some rain, the ground is to hard


With March being here, I fell totally in love with sheeps..
So crafting sheeps.
The first are finished
 In a painted try with a lovely spring flower
In the package was enough to make another sheep, or maybe 2, so will make more.


And working on a new piece
Can you guess what it is??
Enjoy the weather, hope that in the USA the snow is melting and not new is falling, I;m sending many sunshines

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

donderdag 13 maart 2014

°•♥ I'm a auntie again ♥•°

Waking up and seeing a mail you will be a aunty very soon.
What to you think about that??
Last Friday that happend.
I got a awesome cute mail from my sweet friend Nia
Valérie and I talked about it, we where so nervous.
It was feeling like we where waiting in the waiting room of the hospital
Fast we went putting the last pieces together of our Voldemort Sal.
It's a name we called the secrect project for Nia's baby boy
(she doesn't like that name.. hihi ;))

 And now it's really time to get blue 
I'm blue da ba dee da ba dye da ba dee da ba dye da ba dee da ba dye
°•♥ Little Lourenço has born ♥•°

Sweet Nia and Rui, from the Netherlands 
congratulation on the birth of your sweet little boy.
He will be the joy of your life
The long wait is over 
The little angel has come
A little one has joined you both
How happy you must be
It was great when there where two of you
But even better now there a three
°•♥ Little Lourenço ♥•°

Ten tiny little fingers that always wanne play,
That never would stop exploring the wonders of today
Ten tiny little fingers that from the very start,
That will reach out for tomorrow,
yet always hold your heart
Enjoy this new page in your book!!
Take you time to rest, learn many new skills.
Let the day's be filled with love, hugs and sweet kisses

And Little Lourenço remember:

Have a good sleep little boy
Hugs&Kisses from Big from Noah♥ and Kira♥