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maandag 7 juli 2014

I found my stitching needles again !!!!

These days crafting is not the thing I´m doing much, but when I do a bit i do it good!!!

Last week was the last day of the months ->>> Jingles times..
I was very late.
Started that night, and 20 minutes before midnight I finished, send a pic too Rita.
But as I already posted the day before and was to tired, I post it tonight!
I choose a small piece, so i could finish it on time.
Didn´t think I would make it.. but I did  =))))

♥ * ♥

Somebunny was shouting, that it needed some stitches too.
So lets make some on that too.

And the few, got a lot..
And now the bunny's and flowers are totally done ♥ ♥

Isn't it such a cute cute piece.. I still love it!!
Hope this week to do the back stitching on the pots, and then next week the grass..

I will finsih it off in to a pillow for on our couch..
Can't wait too see it!!

Tonight I wanted to stitch some more on it, but my sweet colleagues where telling about a fun game Hay Day.
I started playing tonight, and haven't stopped yet, so no stitching for me..  :((
Best is that I remove it, but it's fun.. hihihi, also still playing My smurg village with many bugs.. but it still works....

♥ * ♥

I put a little black on Kira's kitchen.. so now it's looking so great, and that means the big piece of the kitchen is done.
I painted the burners and the glass inside and outside of the door of the oven.
It just gives it the finish touch
And as we got a lot of rain, I put it inside. 
She is already playing with it, now I;m looking for a sink like I have in my mind..
But it will all come!!

Look at her..
She often picks lavender in my garden, and this week she grabbed a vase put them in, and put it on her kitchen..

It's mine she said.. lol.. little princes..
But still far from finished...
What will I make this week for it it!!

♥ * ♥

Then yesterday was a big day for Noah.
He needed to do his exam with swimming

He now got his first swimming diploma

Look at that face.. so proud!!
As is mommy... it was hard to keep my eyes dry.. 

he did so good..
Now the summer can safly begin!! =)))

Have you all heard about the new addiction Loombands???
I saw them last year on the big craft fair, but it was still not for sell here.

Then man told me to wait 6 month, they where out off stock in the USA.
At the moment whole the Netherlands is looming.
I bought a starterskit, but it's for the summer holiday, so Noah tryed it at his best friend, and he can do it..
Now he has to learn me this craft soon, he only has 4 days of school left
Look at his first bracelet
He is so happy that he found a craft to do..
I hope kira can do it too.. she wants to do something like mommy so bad.
And this is just like crochet...
you can make so many awesome things.. be continued..........

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 29 juni 2014

Kira's party dress, and new addiction

In my last post told you about a dress I was making for Kira for the party.
I finished it on time, and Kira looked so cute and super girly in it.
Let me show you the pic, there is a short story for this pattern
♥ It's perfect for her ♥
The mix of the 2 fabric's and my favorite ribbon a ricrac. The ballerina fabric I bought to make her a dance bag, but found a other idea, so this is perfect for the dress.
The story:
When I was pregnant of Kira, the Dutch designer Collie-Collie, designed this dress and I fell in love with it, I didn't know if I had a  boy or a girl in my belly ( secretly I was hoping for a girl.. hihi).
But if it would be a girl I would buy it.
So really 2 hours after I gave birth to Kira, ( I really didn't believe at that time, I had a girl) I bought the pattern..
Read 2 hours after!!!!
The smallest size is 86 for the pattern.. Kira had that when she was 2.
I made is for my neighbor girl, made it twice for a other girl, but still hadn't made it for Kira.
Shame one me.. I loved it so much, And now when is is almost 4 ( in 6 months.., hihihi) I made it for the first for her!!
But I'm in love!!
I really like it!!
For now the has enough dresses for the summer, so the next will be for winter.

As you can see she is all girl, with her hair and jewelry.. she really loves that..
Braiding the hair is my new addiction.. I really love it.. I have a pin board on pinterest, and often I get pictures send on my facebook, so I;m trying new things..
This braid I made so often with Kira, but I didn't like the end of the braid hanging like that, I tryed ceveral options, but it still wasn';t it..
But today I found it!!
I braided Kira again with the side braid and also braided myself
So the side braid for Kira, with a messy bun and then a little flower in it..

I wanted to crochet one, but i didn;t had time, it's on my to do list for this week..
I;m in love with this way.. need to try out some new braid, with  a messy bun..

I always have a bun in my hair, but not often do one with Kira... 
And what about my hair.. found the tutaorial last night. 
The total braid is called the Bohemian Side Braid.
For a first try I really love it.. 
It's a French braid and then in to a fishtail.. the fishtail, is my favorite.. need to try it on Kira one day.. I wear it often
No hair in my face, and it looks pretty I think. On her blog I found more beautifull hair styles.. so more to try out!!
And I love how long her hair is.. hope mine will grow a bit more!!!

BTW bad pic's of my hair.. all the pic's that DH made, where to close by, and mine to far away!!
Need to work on that!!

Soon will made a post full of braids.. I have done a lot.. I'm liking it a lot =))))

Back to the party last week.. I also did some cooking.. It was a long ago.. last September.. hihihi
Right below the pie's, a apple pie, whipped ice-cream pie and carrot-pie.
I also made a lunch this time.
We had a great day... 
Soon my big birthday party, so then more cooking pic;s...♥

This last weeks we often had beautifull day;s.. we are really enjoying them!!
Her some pic's of different day's
The dike is my favorite to go too.. 
Mostly I go with Kira, as Noah is often at school. but in the weekend, Noah and sometimes his friend go with us!!
I love to skate, every day Im skating minimum 30 minutes.. (longer when I have Kira with me)
I'm feeling so much better with my new working outs ,.... and loving it.

Kira also fell down this week, very hard with her bike
This is a pic made after a few days

This morning came out of the night shift, so now a few day's off.. next weekend I have to work again..
Hope you all enjoying your day's 
I know I do

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

donderdag 19 juni 2014

Crafting with-out needle and thread

I'm enjoying my free day's off.. how are all your day's??
I emptyed my mailbox, my blogloving, cleaned out the attic, working in the garden, cleaned the house   and moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
I did a lot, but not my normal crafting..


I did something else.
I made a wreath out off sea-shells 
But not only me
As always the kids helped me, and had a great time.
The glue is hot, so that part I did, and after many shells kept falling off, I took over, they got tired of it.
But the most important thing, we had fun, and created something beautifull
It's hanging next to my front-door.
Isn't it beautifull??
So proud of my kids.

From the moment Noah and Kira where little, I wanted to make a play kitchen.
I saw the most awesome DIY playkitchens.
Wanted to make one.
But.. didn't find the supplies, 
................... then 2 weeks ago.............. 
a old kitchen on school ( which I liked for weeks ), had a big paper on it, only this week free to take home!!
I went to my neigbor asked her to help me, and it was standing in our halway
A real big one.. but I thought with a little paint it most be more beautifuller.
So I scrub it ,scrape it.
And this was how it looked!!

Then the paint.
I promissed kira, she could help me
So today we started painting!!
she loved it.. but the floor was also interresest to paint. and the the kitchen again.
So can you imagine how the paint looks like???
hihihihi =))))
Next week I will schrub it a little again, and new paint will be on it!!

And this is how it looks at the moment
I think I need to paint it ones or twice..
But that's all for next week.
I;m very happy with this project.
The very, very first time I do something like this.. 
and I love it. ♥

Then tonight I started with needle and thread..
I'm making a party dress for kira..
But I needed to stop, I forgot the buy a zipper :( ;( ;(
Tomorrow night I hope I have one, then I can finish it off.

Next week I will show it..

PS, any football fan's????
We have one!!!
And the Dutch team is doing good, so he is happy!! ;))))

It's almost midnight, I;m off to bed, busy day tomorrow

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

donderdag 12 juni 2014

A awesome great day!!

Today was a big day for us.. ♥
It was the second time that Noah had a schooltrip today!
He has been jumping up and down for days.
So I thought lates make it more special as Dh found a awesome Starwars bag for him.
A while back I found a cute little Yoda crochet pattern, it would have been perfect for attach on the bag 
Look at my sweetie.
Look at him so proud left above..
What do you think of the cute Yoda??
Awesome right??
With the whole school they went too the Efteling for the 100 year anniversay of the school, and had such a blast.
They always get yellow T-shirts from school, as you can see at the pic below of the collage.
His best friend ( our neighbor girl) was in his group, so he had the best day
Dh went alone as a accompanist.
They had a awesome day, and Noah was so happy with his Yoda ♥ =)))

But as the boy's where gone the whole, what would the girls do???
We didn't stay at home.
We went shopping in the city.
The first time Kira and I did that, and we had a awesome day
Look at this
Look at her?
See the dress.. This morning she was wearing a other dress, but we went to the H&M ( don't now if it's a store every where, I know The firts lady of the USA shopped there before too... hihihi )
I love the store, and now so does Kira..
We went to a fitting room, she put it one and didn't want to put it off again.
So I put her at the counter and told the cashier, she want to buy this dress.
All the woman in the store who heard it needed to laugh..
I gave Kira the money, the cashier cut the card out of the dress, and the rest of the day, so was happy with her Cat-dress
And at the end sleeping, as you see below on teh pic ( she hasn't done that in alsmost 2 years... hihihi )

As I told you a RAK of mine arrived in the USA.
I'm very bad in my replying from comments and mails this week, but I can tell you that the reciever Carol, was VERY happy with my little RAK..
This is what I send her:
She has made a monthly bowl last year, and I thought this would be perfect for in it.
The crochet bunny has cross stithed flowers on it.
Carol loves bunny's and blue.. thought this would be perfect.
And as summer is coming, some crochet sunflowers for her August bowl.
This are all free pattern, can't remember where I found them, but i all pinned them, so you can find them somewhere HERE on my Pinterest board
Have fun with it Carol, happy to gave you a big smile =))))
2 more RAK's almost are ready for the mail, and a few more will follow.. I love this!!!!

As most of this post is crochet, lets add another one.
I'm working on my last order, its one that belongs to the Minion hat i made..
But now a Minion doll.
Can you guess what kind off??
( Hint it's a girl)
More for this later..

Now off to bed..
Done with the 5 night shift, tomorrow the last 3 then I have worked 72 hours, this 1,5 week, so that's enough for a while..

I bought the supplies for my next BIG project today, that I will start on Monday or Tuesday.. 
It's  requires painting.. big and lot's of paint.. the kids will help me..
curious already?????

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 8 juni 2014

Have a great Pentecost weekend !!

I'm working many night shifts this week, but still, I'm enjoying the beautifull summer weather with my family.
More off that at the end of the post
Last week, I also did a bit of crafting.
No cross stitching this time, but many crochet

Let's begin with the horse on a stock..
Many are curious how it looks like.
I really think it's awesome!!
I love to stitch another 5 of them, so much I love them.
But it costs many cotton, so lets start with only this one, and look how much kids play with it!
Look at Kira having fun on her new horse!!
The pink halter really looks awesome on it, I add some purple flowers buttons on it too.
It really looks perfet, and add at the side a big wooden butten, with handmade with love on it!

Tomorrow is the birthday of Marion.
I send her a sweet felted Dutch lady
I made one for myself last year, and by seeing it, I thought it would be perfect for her.
She told me she loved it very much!!
Happy to have made and send it too her.
Marion, have a awesome birthday!!!

My strawberry family, is starting to grow.
I didn't do much, but the beginning is there.
The baby is finished
It's  a still green little strawberry, with a wooden head and hands, I normally don't work with that, but it was in the package.
I also gave him a blanket and a pillow.
So he can sleep for a while now.. 
I'm woring on his bed, so soon, he get sleep in privacy.

The last weeks, we have rain and sun take turns.
So my garden is growing so much!
This afternoon, I made some awesome pictures
because I made so many I make a big collage, Hoep you can all see it good.
These are pic's from my front and back garden.
Can you imagine I love sitting in my garden!!

This weekend we are having real summer weather.
Yesterday we went to a little beach, and today we stayed at home, and put on teh water slide in the garden

As you can see on the pic's kids are having a awesome time!!
And tomorrow we are having another free day.. so..... ♥

You see the yelly-fish??
We have seen so much..
Hubby went looking for crab's, Kira and I went looking for shells, and Noah found some boy's to play with.

I have some other crafts to show to, my first RAK arrived in the USA, and making something cute for Noah his schooltrip bag.
More off that in my next post
Enjoy your day's.
I'm off to bed again.. 2 night shifts done, still 6 to go!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zaterdag 31 mei 2014

Joy in life ♥

I had planned to talk about the weather, start there this post with.
But this morning when I was looking in my bloglovin, I saw a post of Nia, and she wrote the sweetest thing about me..
I really have to thank her so much for her awesome writing piece.

Sweetie, you will be the best mom too!!
Wait and see =)))

For those who wanne read it, look here.

And yesterday when I woke-up from my night shift I got the greatest picture send by whatsapp.
A picture of the bride with my wedding garter on her leg.
I started crying of you ( remember I just woke-up)
So sweet, the bride really loved it so much ♥
♥ Me is happy ♥
~~ It made my day ~~

Then lets show some crafts..
We start with Jingles, as it´s the last day of the months, so Jingles Time!!!
whahaha upside down.. lol  
( don't tell Rita, but i just finished it, made a pic real fast and then writing my post)
It was a bigger piece, but with such lovely colors again.
We are almost half-way there!!

Then I have finsihed the bunny's.
With Kira helping me stuffing, it goes so fast
Aren't they cute???
 ( ssssssstttt there is also a bunny flying somewhere sssssttt)

Then cute somebunny!!
It's progressing well.

I like Satin, it's beautifull thread, it's stitch really easy..
In my last somebunny, needed to stitch with a awfull thread, but Satin I like!!
And it's really beautifull too

The end is in sight!!!
But still much to do ;))

My Horse on a stock, is progressing awesomely fast!!
I finished all the part. Tomorrow going to the IKEA and buy a bedding, that I can use for stuffing, so it's not to heavy for Kira to play with.
Then need to add all the hair, and made a halter, for both I still need to order the yarn, after I put it togheter, I need to let Kira choose the next colors
Above is the body with head, then on the left the two ears, and right the nose.
I really can't wait to see it finsihed..

My last craft for this post is a order from my BIL.
A friend of him is expecting a baby this summer, and asked me if I could make a baby minion hat!!
I wanted to give it a try, and it worked
Look at how cute!!!!!
My cute neighbor boy (5 months old) was my testing person, as I don't have baby's to try it one.. and he looks so cute with it!
I hope the newly mom will love it too, when she gets it

Noah asked me if I would help him make a bookmark.
He wanted to knit it ( that what he calls all I do.. lol)
I went to my attic, found some supplies, and we have been stitching with the three of us, even Kira wanted to do it too again!!
Look at this cute collageI made♥
Look at that cute concentrated faces..  see Noah his face!!
It was very very very quiet at the table.
Just before bed this was how far they got

Can you see what Noah's making???
A Jedi, all by himself.. How great is that!!
Kira is making a present..
halfway it was totally full, but as you can see on the above pic's she does it all on her own.

She makes the thread wet, put's it in the needle, stitch it, and then cut it all again..
So after hours of work, many threads where stitched, but also many where cut loss again.. hihi

They didn't want to go to bed, but tomorow we will do some more stitching!!

So off to bed now!!
have a great Sunday all!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

donderdag 22 mei 2014

Will the sun stay??

Begin of the week we had such a wonderfull sun and weather, since two day's the rain and clouds are coming.
But My garden really needed the water.

And the flowers are growing so good.
Here a beautifull picture of my 3 white clematis flowers
Aren't they so beautifull ♥ ♥ =)))
I made the pic just in time, that afternoon it got very windy and the above flower ( the first one) lost all his leaves.

In the day's we had beautifull weather we also sat a lot out side ( still do ) , and doing some craft Kira and I while Noah was at school.

Look at those cute bunny's!!
They are progressing well.

Sweet Kira is helping me very good, she stuffs all the parts.

Right now she is sitting next to me filling the legs..
So the bunny's will be soon done.

The other order I was making is finished.
The wedding carter.
My friends loves it very much.
Let's hope the bride and groom will do to
I didn't made the bow yet, otherwise you see that in the ribbon.
Simple but so beautifull!!

I almost was thinking to get married, so I can wear something like this, and make my own flower bouquet..
....mmm..... still thinking.. lol :P

Then as I didn't have enough crochet projects 
I started another one
At the moment it looks like the bag of Santa.
But when It's finished it will be a Stick Horse.
I bought the pattern last week, I really love it.. it will be for Kira.. need to order some pink for decoration..
She chooses the colors.. lol

I didn't though Jingles this week, but I do stitched on a other WIP of mine.
The above is how I started it after frogged a whole color, I justed the wrong one.
I read the numbred wrong.. lol.. 
And on the after pic, you can see what I did this week!!
I orderd the speacial colors, so when I have them I can finish it!!

Last week we had a BBQ at my godchilds birthday, but as alwasy I never eat the meat of that, becausel I get so ill.
After I felt bad, because Dh told me the meat was so awesome, they made it there-self.
So I told him I want to try and eat it again.
So yesterday for the first time in about 15 years I eat meat of the BBQ

I liked it very much, I didn't got ill.. so we are going to try it again next week..
Let's hope the rain will stay away and sun keeps coming!!

I will end this post by saying Happy Birthday to my sweet colleague, who has her birthday today
And really loves Johnny Depp

Have a awesome day Sunbeam :))) ♥

Need to get on my bike and get Noah from school for lunch!!
 ♥ Have a great weekend ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥