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maandag 5 oktober 2015

From a run, too crochet too baking

So I find out I;m not the only one who has problems with Bloglovin.
And again, he marked my new posts as read, so lost again many new post, I'm trying to find them back, let me know if I haven't commented on you blogpost.
I really need to find something else....

So it have been some busy weeks, let me show you what I have been doing all.

For weeks I have been training with a friend and alone for a long run.
Here you can see us running on a beautifull beach.
And it all was for Last Friday Night
We entered the Light Coastrun, it's a part of the big Coast Marathon.
We run 11.2 km
We run a bit longer, but had so much fun, it's in the dark so we are decorated with lights
This is a picture I found on the website from the local newspaper, Haven't found much more.. But when I do I show it.
I got a medail, it was real crazy and so fun fun,. But also very hard.
More then 11 km in the dunes, up, down, up, dow, stairs up, down, up, down. the beach in the sand....
But I did it, and I loved it.
So much then in 2 weeks I;m going to do it again, but then 13.5 km.. really hope I can make it..
So fingers crossed

* * * 

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on in a childs head/mind??
You really need to see this Disney movie Inside Out.
We went with the kids, and had a awesome time. 
I even cryed.......It's great for young and old


Have been trying some braids again
First wasn't as beautifull as I hoped
It's more somethings for thick hair, so it was a one time thing

The other braid was a super match with Kira's hair.
It's not a straight french braid, and I loved it very much, I even kept Kira her separation ( didn't found a good word for it)
Perfect for swim class, will try it more


Noah';s blanket :(
I got tired of it..
But before it I finished a milestone...
20 X 20 = 400 squares

I working on something else, hope after it I will crochet again on the blanket.. I really wanne finished it, the longer It's a WIP, the sooner it will be a UFO, and I really don't want that.
So for the other thing that I started........
The start of a poncho, bought the yarn last year, also started then but with a pattern I selfmade, and it was not so fun.
So started again, as I found a beautifull freebie
Kira wore it too school this morning, but it's not finished.
Need to add a few more rows and decoration.
But I'm already in love with it.
And very girly :))


Last week I was baking with the kids
Chocolate cake.
Kids made it them selves
It was yummy

And Kira has a new favorite, she wants to eat it every day.
And the lucky thing is, I love it also very much
Baked pie, Kira calls is


Saterday there was a day they organized your very first Judo competition.
Kids who had never done a competition could try one.
We signed Noah in, and he had so much fun
Look at the pictures/
Left above Noah is the left boy. right below Noah is the boy above the other.
Noah played 4 matches, and as a big surprise he won them all.
He really had fun.
At the end a picture of him with his girlfriend and teacher, that was so great.
He got a document, see his proud face.

In two weeks is a real competition, 
We are so curious how he will find that. ...
So be continued.......

Hope you all have a lovely evening.
As you all know a while back I was hooked on teh serie Once upon a time.
There are new episodes... and the fun thing.
Elsa en Anna of the movie Frozen are in it now
So when you can't find me , you know where I 'm.. =)))) lol

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 

 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 20 september 2015

a lazy sunday...

Hello everyone,

How are you all?
I wanne thank you all for the congratz wishes on Noah's birthday in my last post.
The day after he celebrated it at school, and his teacher shares the same birthday and turned 60 so a big party was there on school, Noah loved it to sit in front of everyone together with his teacher

This is from in his class when they sing for Noah and he could treat
Mommy's always can come and watch ( we bring the treat and make photo's...hihi)
Yesterday we had the family party
That means cooking and baking
As it where busy weeks, I wanted to do it simple
I baked a whip-cream, and Noah wanted to help decorate
He was such a great help... :))))
But then how to decorate it.. he wanted a dolphin
So i started to draw with a knife a dolphin on the cake
I knew I had blue decorate stuff for cakes, so filled the dolphin with it
I think it worked out great
and then the finish::::::
We al loved it, Noah also!!

I also baked 2 apple-pie's

For dinner I made Lasagna and Saffron-Pasta, but I forgot to take a picture.
I did made this picture
Tomato with mozzarella
My favorite when I'm cooking a Italian dinner.

Noah had a awesome day
Spoiled with presents, playing with friends and nephews
And here Kira playing with her niece with dolls and horses
It was a great day..

So that's why today we are having a lazy sunday.
Watching Disney movies together, eating the pie's we have left from yesterday.
I even went for a run outside, did 7 km..... 
Today is the first in weeks we also have a dry and sunny day... Loving it!!
Hope you all have great weather too.


I finally finished my attic.
Boy boy.. what did i save a lot...
Now we have more room, It looks great, and kids already having fun,.
I sold some stuff on Facebook, and bought some games on Facebook back.
This was the best I think
Noah loves it so much.. and I could buy it cheap.. and kids are having fun


As you see on the above picture I braided Kira's hair with something new

I loved how it looked.

Yesterday I wanted to try it again.
And just know seeing I did another braid
This is a photo from this morning, didn't put it on the photo yesterday.
Friday I did a France braid, Yesterday did a Dutch braid.
I like the France braid more..
See the princes with the crown.. hihihi

Have a great day all.
We are going to watch some more Madagascar..hihi

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

woensdag 16 september 2015

Where was the beginning of September???

I hear I'm not the only one who has that problem.
Time really flies by so fast.
I had a few very busy weeks.
But the best of all it's the birthday of Noah!!!!! :)
It's today!!!!
My little big boy turned 7 years!!, 
can you imagine? 
That also means i'm blogging for almost 7 years, I started when he was 6 months.
And the best thing of all.
They had the day off from school, so we planned his kids party today
The weather didn't worked with his, but still it was a great party.
We planned a treasure hunt/search
And the kids loved it.
Hubby and I made a book with clues, they all got one, and then it was looking where we need to go
 We all wore rain-clothes
We also did games
And went to the butcher and baker for a treat that I organized.
Back home, we where cold, so ........ hot chocolat and whipcream.
then we played BINGO
I think that is a game that all kids like, as the 8 who where sitting at my table LOVED it really much :), and the funny part, Noah won 2 times, as only one
So special to win at your own birthday.
And then last but not least.
Eating pancakes!!!!!!!
I baked a lot of pancakes last night, and look at them.. yum yum yummy!!

I didn't do a theme this year, and already think what to do with the party next year.
This really was the first time that it was raining at Noah's party, we normally always had awesome weather on his birthday.


So the 31th of August the school started again where we live.

And kids where very happy.
That also means that Kira finally could go to swimming class, that she was asking for so long, but I told her after the long summer break she can start
She is loving it so much, it's really funny to see her with a big smile walking inside the swimming pool and important, she swims with her best friend, who is the little brother of Noah's girlfriend with who he swim. And the live in our street. How about that!!
For Noah that means starting school swimclass, he already has all his diplomas, but he still love swimming .
Noah is with the black shirt next to his girlfiend
Here in the Netherlands it's really going away school swim. Now it's only in the second class ones in the 2 weeks, When I was younger it was a few years and every week, but budgets.............

( hihi a short break, Kira came downstairs in her bathrobe and Frozen bathslippers,   mommy I'm so tired I can't sleep...she looked so cute. back in to bed, I think she sleeps already, she had a busy day)

* * * 

What also started was my new workplace, maybe some of you can remember, at the beginning of the year I told you I changed workplace, and now I changed again but this time in my home-town, so I can ride my bike to work.
Its what I asked about 2 years ago, then It still needed to be build and now it was done.
I work in a house with 6 people with dementia, and I take care of them, mostly in the evening and at night, so I have my night-shift back again. And I love them so much.
We are open for more then 2 weeks now, and I really love it.
It's very beautifull work, and the place is awesome
Before it started I crafted a bit for my job
For decoration on the house. The mouse and the bird are for dementia people who are very restless, 'it can' give them tranquility when the 'play' with them in there hands. 

And as I loved the little coasters, I made one for myself but then a bigger one
 And using it as a doily for my plant.
It's a really easy pattern, it's a dutch one, but when I find it in Englisch I will share it. Or when somebody wants to make it I will translate it.

* * * 

I love to eat avocado, but they are not cheap here. So I tought lets try and grow a little tree.
And one seed is doing very good
I just see this a old picture, for my next post I will make a new one as it's really bigger.
Kids love seeing how it grows.
They say it take 4 years till we can see the first avocado. And as some of you know I really don't have any patience........:( , we will see what will come of it.
I will keep you updated.

* * * 

Then Noah's  R2D2 blanket, as I worked really much and started cleaning out my attic, my time to craft was short.
I didn't made it to finish it before his birthday, but we are getting closer and closer
Here my last update from almost 2 weeks ago
I still need to crochet 202 squares, then it's finished.
I will try and do 2 tonight, as I;m a bit tired of the day, and the next few weeks I will try and finish it.
My attic is almost done, I really pulled all stuff from his place sort it out cleaned it all and put it back ( I have really big problems with a house-friendly-bug, that I don't like).. the transcan was very happy, also sold a few things. Now working on the last part, then I can craft more. As I also sorted out most of my craft supplies, so I really hope soon more craft updates, from more different crafts. My fingers already itching when I think of what I all wanne make....... ;)
But first Noah's blanket.....

I hope you all are having a lovely week, I saw my blogloving is getting fuller and fuller.
O yes before I forgot.
My relationship with bloglovin is almost over, I really HATE it now after the last update.
When I open it and read a blog , and refresh my page, he puts all blogs on read, so I can't see the post who where new/unread anymore. that happend 3 times, so I think I missed some blogs to read. I havent watch it on my laptop since a week, as I don't have that problem on my phone where it's a app.
This and next week I will try and catch up with reading, I don't hope it happens again, because then I need to find a other program to keep up with blogs
Are there more bloggers who have this problem????

Have  a great week, see you all soon again

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

woensdag 26 augustus 2015

Summer is almost over.......

I wanne thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes.

It was a great day, and you all made it as always better!!
I got two more packages that gave me a big smile.

The first came from Portugal sended by the sweet Nia.
She looked at my Pinterest account and found something to make me.
Loot at what she made me?
A cute pumpkin with a hat, and put all candy in it.. hihihi

So awesome beautifull buttons, ribbon... see the Gorjuss buttons?? awesome so beautifull
Dear Nia, I;m very happy with it and as it soon it Fall ( here the weather already is) I will gave it a beautifull place, thank you so much

* * * 

Then a few day's later another package come, but this time from France.

I was crocheting on Noah's blanket when the mailman came.
So many gifts an even something for Kira.

Look at all that ♥ ♥
Sweet Valerie, and Super hubby of course, you both made me smile so much. Both made the beautifull frame, Valerie the lovely stitched house, my house, and SuperHubby made the frame more beautifull then it was, 
And I gave it all a place!!
The beautifull calender from Angele, the cute pumpkin from Nia, and the beautifull white gifts from Valerie.
My favorite corner at the moment, and my craft chair is under it!! ♥
Happy me.

Last time I told you Noah was staying with my BIL and SIl.
I can tell you he had a awesome time!
 I just was there Noah went to the Chickens and looked for eggs, its what he did each morning, so he wanted to show me
Kira run to him, and shown me that they had found eggs. Kids where so happy!!!
In the car home Noah asked me that after being home for 4 days he could go back.. isn't he the sweetest ♥

* * * 

I'm busy working on my R2D2 blanket.
I really love it to be finished on Noah's birthday as far as I can.
After crochting some more
And some days we had sun, so I could make some beautifull pic's.

And then this afternoon I reached a big milestone.
I finished 300 squares!!!!!
I'm out off the black yarn, so started making the white around the head as it needs to be a big rectangle.
Tonight I had the night off, every night I have been crocheting like crazy, my fingers need a evening off from the hook.. hihi.. so typing this post as it has been to long ago again.....

* * * 

Let's start talking about cooking.
From my sweet neighbour I got blackbarries, and I wanted to bake a pie with it.
Blackberrie pie.. yum yum, I gave a part too my neighbour she loved it very much.

A few days later she gave me some more.
But this time I wanted to make ice-cream of it. I have a ice-cream maker, and never used it so looked a recipe, put some blackbarries and bananes in it, and yum yum yum
Give your daughter home-made purple ice-cream and your the best mom in the world... hihihi
Hubby told me I need to make ice-cream more often...

* * * 

We are having a strange summer here sun, rain, thunder, pink/purple sky's lightning
But we still have a great time
 Kiting is still the most favorite thing from the kids
Last week we went to the beach, I live near a small one, only 10 minutes drive, I haven't been there in year, but last year they made a beach, so went to there, kids had a great time
Here we where in Valkenburg with my inlaws. Where I live was a whole day sun, where we where no sun the see... only rain...

* * * 
 We are having a new hobby:


Who knows it????? 
As a child I played with it so much, I shown Nia, Rita en Valerie they don't know it, but do you???
 Kira loves it very much she is making much of it, Noah when he is not playing outside or with his Lego also plays with it
 The first horse is finished
Already started with a second horse, But Kira is also making small things, forgot to put the pic's on my laptop.
But I think it will come back more on my bloog.
I remember was I was little used the patterns to make them in to cross stitch patterns and then stitch them.
Next week the vacation is over and school started, I planned to put my attic up side down, so maybe will come across something, who knows

For now I'm ending this long post with a cute picture of Noah who will turn 7 in  few weeks.
My little boy is getting big, and way to fast

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥