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dinsdag 3 december 2013

My little black pete's and a order for my MIL

As I told you Noah and Kira could play Black Pete last weekend.
On the big craft far, my MIL found the perfect patterns that she asked me to make for her.
She was affraid that i didn't have enough time.. 
I waited till I was done with my Sinterklaas crafts, and then I started..

I finished just on time

Then the gifts needed to be wrapped, 
buttt.. it's not like you can but wrapping paper in the store :PPPP
Sinterklaas has that, so we maked our own.
With the four of us we started..

Then I wrapped the presents.
Put them in the the special bags.

And on our way we go

Noah and Kira dressed up as Black Pete..
They had a awesome time..
Noah his handglove had a little hole, I needed to paint his fingertop black, he was afraid that his grandpa would she that he had a white finger..
so he would see it was Noah and noah Pete Noah
Isn't that the cutest!!
very bad blurry pic.. but you get the idea!!

My Mil was so happy with her gifts..
On the last day, we finished it in to a Winter wreath togetheter

TADAAAAA..... ♥ ♥ ♥

My Xmas craft mojo is still a bit low..
But I just started teh most adorable Xmas tree...

Two more day's till Sinterklaas his birthday.. 
The kids Can't wait 
Tomorrow he will bring a visit to school

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

9 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

Wat mooi gemaakt allemaal
Jullie zijn altijd zo heerlijk lekker bezig
groetjes Annie

Nina Hobbysite zei

Mooie zwarte pieten. Leuke vilten sneeuwpoppen. En wat een gaaf inpakpapier.

♥ Nia zei

Ohhhhh so cute of Noah to worry about his little white finger =) heheheheh too cute!
Your little guys look lovely! So cute :D And a lovely wreath as well :)
It's normal you're not in a high mood for Christmas, you have made so much things for Sinterklaas!!! And all so awesome :D I don't have Sinterklaas around here so.. Christmas starts a few days earlier =)
It's curious to see that so many people have started their decorations back in November, I start at Dcember 1st and other people say I'm ealier!! LOL Each house has their own rhythm ;) Especially with Sinterklaas, Christmas takes a bit more to start, you have to divide time in 2 heheheh But you also have twice as fun :D
Enjoy this season!!!

Annie zei

And the fun craftiness continues! Love the little ornaments and the kids' wrapping paper is adorable. They look so cute, especially since they take this so seriously.

Nima zei

that is cute ..Annette..the snowman as well as your little Noah

Jane zei

Aww Annette, your children are adorable and I think will grow up to be just as creative and clever as you are!
The winter wreath is lovely and must have meant so much to your MIL.
I hope Sinterklaas's visit to school goes well xxx

Marie-Jeanne zei

Wat mooi, jullie zijn gezellig bezig!!!
Gr, M-J.

Valma zei

you crochet, you knit, you craft...and you leave your little boy with a hole in his glove ??? =D
so cute
I'm seeing wreaths everywhere today but you is also really beautiful !
For sure your MIL loved it ! who wouldn't be happy =)
I really wish I had a wooden door to hang such a beauty for Xmas !

Marie-Jeanne zei

Wat mooie spulletjes allemaal.
Gr, M-J.