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donderdag 28 november 2013

Still a bit of Sinterklaas

Last weekend Sinterklaas came here in town.
I dressed the kids up as Black Pete.
They looked so cute
♥ ♥ Aren't they cute? ♥ ♥

We where waiting and waiting
And look at what we saw

He wanted to came by car, but the car broke down.
In front the driver and some black pete's.

In the back car you can see the hat of Sinterklaas, and more pete's where there.
We sing songs, and made a parade around town, then we went to our townhouse.
Song more songs, and a magicman came to do tricks

They had so much fun.
The day after we went to DH's work to celebrate Sinterklaas there.
Because of cuts, they didn't decorate, so Sinterklaas asked us, to make decoration..

We had so much fun..
And kids came home with a present.

* * * ♥ ♥ ♥ * * * 

We made some Black Pete's with HAMA beads.
Kids liked it so much.

Blue and pink..
From who is who??? 
( don't pay attion to my messy memoboard, it's too full)

They are hanging between the lamps above the dinner table..
We need to make still 2 more things..


Then I have to show you the sweetest things.
Noah and Kira got a card from France.
A card from my sweet Friend Valérie and her SuperHubby 
(he also blogs and makes the most awesome things).
On the back they wrote in Dutch.. isn't that the cutest and sweetest..
Thank you so mcuh sweetie.

It gave me such a big smile!!

Tomorrow the kids are playing Black pete, more about that later.

next week Sinterklaas will also comes at the kids school 
And 5 December is the day that it is his birthday, we will see it the kids where sweet enoug to receive gifts too.

Have a great weekend all


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

4 opmerkingen:

Marie-Jeanne zei

Wat leuk en gezellig.
Gr, M-J.

♥ Nia zei

A postcard from Sinterklaas? How awesome :D wonderful!!!! It all sounds so fun for the kids =) I'm happy for them!! :D

Bernadett zei

Too cute.:)


Valma zei

hoooooo a beautiful postcard indeed =D
when we saw it we definitely said 'this is for Petite Anne' :)
so happy you enjoyed this simple gift
you spoil us with cute pictures of the kids
Sinterklaas is very modern !!! =D
Big hugs sweetie