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maandag 10 december 2012

We have been away for a week

Last week we where away.
Dh got 11 free day's, so I asked at my job for some free days, and we went away for a week.
We had the time of our life =)))
Kids enjoyed it so much, went we got home Friday, we all where so tired... hihi
I made two foto collages 
( it was so hard to choose a few pic, I made so many with my new camera THAT I LOVE)


We did so many things.. we went 3 times to plopsaland 
( we booked tickets with the parc, so we could go there when ever we want, It special for little kids, and a lot of BUMBA)
, too the zoo, bowling, out to diner, inside playground.etc etc.......
Played with the black pete's..

Short... we had a lot of fun. ;)))))

Before we went I asked snow for Sinterklaas, and the day after, 
we woke-up and as you see right below a lot of snow..

Friday we went home again, they said the weather would be terrible a lot of snowstorms, Code Orange.
Thankfully it wasn't as bad as they thought, but a lot off snow fell down..
Beautifull on the road to see.. made so many pictures

When we got home ..... NO SNOW.. our home didn't got any snow ;(((.
Thankfully we enjoyed it a lot on vacation for that one day..
We all love snow so much..

Every night when the kids where in bed DH and I watched movies.
And meanwhile I crafted some.

Back home I put them all on a tray like this

I will show them in my next post.
Today we decorated my FAKE tree ( yes yes we bought a fake one ).. he is beautifulll

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

8 opmerkingen:

Dani - tkdchick zei

It looks like you have had a fantastic holiday I bet the kids had a blast!

Annie zei

What fun! And the best snow is the kind that you don't have to shovel!

cucki zei

Yup so much fun the snow :)
Hugs x

Saskia zei

Gelukkig geen sneeuw meer.....

Nu snel weer aan het werk, om uit te rusten van die drukke week ;-)

Valma zei

we can really see you had a very great time away, that's so great =)
great pictures you shared, thank you
we were also code orange but had no snow :(
your candles holder is very beautiful
congrats =)
big hugs

Carol zei

The photos of your kids always make me smile, Annette--they look so happy :)

Sorry you had no snow at your house! We've had a very, very warm month here and I doubt that we'll have a "white Christmas" either!!

Marion zei

Wat een fijne dagen hebben jullie gehad en dat was zeker genieten. Mooie foto's.
Lieve groetjes van Marion

♥ Nia zei

You bought a tree! Hope to see some pictures soon :D You'll see, now you save a little money every year, you just get the tree from the year before, no need to buy a new one everytime ;) ehheh Does you tree have leds like you told me before? Here, nothing like that yet! maybe in.. 2020! :p LOL
Looks like your kids had a great time :D I bet not only the kids but mom and dad too =) eehhehe Happy to see you had a great vacation away! And with snow :)
Your tray looks so charming!! =) do I need to tell you how much I love to see it all white? :D heheheh We are both alike on our love for white =) I think it's so elegant, so pretty and charming =) Great job sweetie!!! Congrats :D
hugs&smiles to you!!!