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vrijdag 27 november 2009

Sewing machine works again!!!!

Yes!!! DH had made my sewing machine. The overall is for three-quarter done.
Here a photo of Noah wearing it, so I can see how it fits.

After the photo, I have sewed the sleeves, and made the pants part.
But I'm stuck know, need to ask my friend what to do next....

This week a friens mailed me her echo of her baby, she is 11,5 weeks pregnant of her first baby. So great!!!!
I'm stitching a card, the stitching part is done, now need to make it in to a card

It's a lovely design too.
It's a freebie I found on the web (but don't know where anymore), and it's not the first time I stitched it.
3,5 years ago when my friend was pregnant of Robbert I stitched it into a bib. She still use it, and is very pleased with it.
That was one of the first stitching I had done in years, after that I made a few little things but from the moment I was pregnant I was addicted again......

On the snowmen I have stitched a bit.
It the first time I need to stitch backstitches not only with 1 threads but with 2 and 3 threads too. The red backstitches I have done so far, are with 3 threads. It's not easy, but it looks great

I still love the design and can wait till it's done....

But it's late I want to go to bed, till next time.

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2 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Feels like an old friend is back when your sewing machine works again.

Cute little baby design and great progress on the snowman.

And Noah makes a very cute model!

Daffycat zei

A darling design for a baby card! Your stitching on the snowmen looks wonderful!

I'm so glad your DH was able to fix the machine. Sometimes those guys come in handy!