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zondag 7 juni 2009

New piece

The cars ABC lies quietly on the moment.
But I have started a new piece with a flower in pink.

At the moment I'm busy working, at my job and in the garden.
When the most of the graden is done I go further with the ABC.
Also I need the make a few skirt for my work, I have't enough clothes for the summer

Noah is busy trying to walk, he is almost 9 months old, he is getting very fast.
He has a walk-car, last week, he pulls the walk-car to the middle of the room, he stands behide it and walk the kitchen in, I didn't knew what I saw.
He is growing so fast i cannot keep up.
He stand on the sidetable, on the tv-table than he crawls to the room, every second he is somewhere els.
It fantastic to see :)
Thanks for the lovely comment I like it vey much

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