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zondag 14 juni 2009

Birthday card and a cake I have made

I was planning on postig it on Friday, but we where to busy in the garden.
The terrace is done, and I have set up my swing bank.
I had it a year in the shed, I am so glad it stands in the garden now.
I love sitting on it, so when the terrace was done, we have quickly set it up.
I was hoping today was a dry day, but no its raining, raining and raining.
The terrace is flooded with water, its al little swimming pool for the birds.
This week I will show you a photo of how the garden looks now.

Yesterday I have baked 'spekkoek' its a dutch-Indonesian layered cake.
It's a big job making it, but it taste very nice and sweet.
Here is a photo from the web how it looks:
I thought it failed, but it was very nice, we whent to Indonesian friends and they loved it.
She was amazed I made it, she had never made, so she would like that I learn it to her.

This is a photo of a card I have made for my sister-in-law, it was her birthday last week, We have called each other all week, but every time one of us called the other couldn't pick up the

So busy busy busy.....
Cars is progressing little bits, this week I will show a photo.

Thanks for the lovely comments and visiting my blog
I really appreciate it


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