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maandag 25 mei 2015

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about my last post :$
They mean very much to me =))

Weeks/days go by, somethings I think at the end of a day, what did I do today?? 
At the moment I'm totally hooked on a serie Once Upon a Time, it's about fairytales coming to life. Awesome how they do it with  all the different fairytales.. and with magic they do a lot.
Would it work on my laundry, house-cleaing??

A girl can dream right?? =))

Back to some crafting!!
I don't think I have talked about it here but I wanne change Noah his room in to a Starwars room.!!
And I wanne try and craft the most projects..

My first project is the 'Death Star'.
What is now finished.

It's not easy with filling to get it beautifull round, but no world is I think.. hihihi
I like it very much, and Noah loves it. Soon we will hang it in his room.

* * * ♥ * * * 

And I started a new crochet project too. a big projects.. and as some of you know.. I'm not good with big projects, I get tired to soon of it.. but I hope you will all help me finish it.. to so the smile on Noah's face
Here is the first start
And I need to make more then 500 squares like this one, and many more colors.

What will it be..  ???     ???
A Pixel blanket for Noah to keep him warm when he plays with his Lego at his desk

I've done more squares then this, but that I will save for a next post.

* * ~ * * 

Last weekend it was Mothersday.
And I was so much suprised

Kids made me beautifull tissue boxes on school. 
With hubby they made me breakfast ( don't eat much in the morning, but that morning I eat for two.. lol) Kira was standing next to me, mommy eat, now this, and now that.

Hubby knows I only like Kids make me things, not buying things.. but not always he listen to me, so he let the post send me that big box... and when I opend it, a beautifull card and flowers where there.. so perfectly... so sweet.. (love you sweetie). And now two weeks later they are still pretty.. so I think it where very special flowers.. hihi

* * & * * 

You all now I'm a bit crazy right??
At school for celebrating the birthdays of the teachers they organized a foxhound.

And silly me..
Togheter with other moms we dressed up as different foxes, and the ids needed to look for us.. It was so fun.. You needed too see the people look at me... hihihihi

* * ♥ * * 

Last week we had the birthday of my godchild, and I was in a crafty mood, so with Kira we looked on Pinterest to see a lovely hairdo, and I started.
She played with the camera, but her hair was so cute
So with braided hair we both went to the party!

* * * 

With different weather day's we did different things.
 The playground across the street has also a field where kids can run, and as above fly a kite
Play games, eat in the garden on sunny days ( we didn't had much), bake.. etc etc.

And I worked in the garden

 It's growing so much!
And my lovely veggie-hurbs garden.. and above it the bee/hotel with hs first visitor.. hihi

It´s  a long post again, so time to stop.
I need to make some lunch now.

* * * Have a great second Pentecost day * * *

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

5 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Mooie foto's van de tuin. En 500 vierkantjes dat zijn er nog al wat. Veel succes!

Annie zei

The Star Wars room is such a cool idea. And you've made a great start on the project. 500 squares sounds so daunting, but crochet does go pretty fast. And that's a very portable project.

Wonderful Mother's Day gifts. Glad your family appreciates you!

You make a great fox, but I really like the fancy hair do's on your and Kira!

Preeti zei

Your starwars room is going to be a fun place for your son. You got some lovely gifts from your kids!! Love your photo with Kira in the designer braids:) Nice to see your garden growing! Good luck with your big project! Just 500 squares? For me, even making one square is a project in itself:)

butterfly zei

Another beautiful post , lovely stitching flowers and love the photos seeing what the family have been doing, lovely happy days hugs.

Angel zei

Jaaa, once upon a time is super!Baal er een beetje van dat ik helemaal bij ben nu...wachten tot het najaar vrees ik voor nieuwe afleveringen:-(
Nog veel vierkantjes te gaan maar het wordt vast prachtig!
Lieve foto samen met vlechtjes in!