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zaterdag 31 januari 2015

Crafty post.. ♥

Thank you al for the birthday wishes for Kira's birthday.
She had a awesome time, and really felt like a princes..
I did found a picture of her hair this week, wanted to show you still :))))

Here you also can see the beautifull back of the dress..
A real Elsa princess

 # # # 

Then my little neighbor boy turned 1 year just before New Year's eve, and his mother likes owls.
So I thought maybe it would be nice to make a owl rattle.
I made it without a pattern, just looked at a pinterest pin.
With real boy colors. 
Happy that the little boy was.. he put it in his mouth.
It also makes sounds so a great job on it.

* * * 

Those are beautifull crochet dolls, soon I'm going to make a real big one.
But for start I wanted to make a mini.
Those pattern are re-designed by many people in to mini's.
And those are really tooooo cute too.
Look at my cutie-pie
I crochet het with Stone Washed, love love love this new thread, The face/hands/scarf are made with Catania.
Isn't she cute??
More Lalylala's and mini Lalylala's will come this year.. a awesome pattern and easy to make.

~ ~ ~

Baking is back in our home ( never was really gone).
And kids are making it now all totally alone..

Want do you think , should they like it??

Look at this pic's

 It has been more then a year ago that we made these.. ( bad bad mommy) but the cookie yar was full again with this egg-cookies, only egg's, sugar, flour and baking powder... but so so yummy..
Kids take them to school.

Then this is a new thing, and it will not be the last time I ( we) made them.

yum yum.. are you drooling already???
Just make Pancake mix, put it in a muffin tin. One tin was made with only the mix, in teh other one we did raisins and apple.

As you can see the kids did it all.
I only told what they had to do it, how to do it, and how much.
We at them as a lunch, it where 24 muffins, after lunch ( and DH only tryed one, HE DOENST LIKE PANCAKES?????????) there where only 6 left... 
So we can conclude they where very yummy.

Since two weeks I bake every Tursday in Noah's class in school. There I tryed these both recepi's too.
The kids love it..
I'm already thing of what to bake next.. so more baking will come.

+ + +

As Kira turned 4 years, she now also goes every day to school..
I'm so happy that she likes it.. ( mommy missing having kids in the house very very much)
Here a pic of the first morning she went for a whole day,  The kids called me that I needed to take a picture of them

* * * 
How about you having snow???

Since the great snow we had on third Xmas, it was not much..
This picture is taken this morning

And last week I had also such a pic
Where is the 15 cm I ordered????
But thankfully last week at my Sil's they had a lot of snow in Belgium, so Kids could play.
We went inside, congratz to every one.. then kids wanted to play outside.. hihi...
They are so happy when they see snow.
 They have a very very very big garden

 Snow fight with Grandpa
In the evening we went for a big walk in the woods in the snow.. it was cold fun and wet.. At the end kids didn't like it so much anymore as they where cold and wet, but had fun in the snow
Noah with his nephew, making snowballs

I just got home from work, now it after midnight, I think I'm off to bed.. busy weekend in front.
Have a great weekend all

♥ kisses ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

7 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Kira haar haar zit erg mooi. Leuk om helemaal op de baktoer te zijn. Past bij de winter. En knap dat ze het al zelf kunnen. Hier bij amsterdam lag gisteren wel een flinke laag sneeuw. Nu alles bijna weg.

Annie zei

Love that braid! Your crocheting is so adorable. The owl was really perfect for a little boy.

Nice to see the cooking and eating still going on.

Very cold here, smattering of snow, but plenty of mixed precip to tie up traffic!

Anne zei

Happy belated birthday to Kira!!! I'm sure she is just loving school although your heart hurts to send them off...I will be there soon-4years! Love the little crocheted dolls! They are so sweet! Yay for snow and snowfights with Grandpa!! Hugs!!

Mylene zei

Kira's hair looks lovely as well as her dress.
Hmmm, the baking sounds yummmmy.
Beautiful snow pictures and kids and Grandpa having fun. We haven't seen snow over here..

Mii Stitch zei

I LOVE the little doll & the owl gift!!! They are so so sweet, well done :)

Carol zei

Kira's hair is so beautiful, Annette--like a frozen princess :) You always have the greatest ideas for dress-up, crafts, and baking--a fun mommy!!

How nice that you had at least some snow for the kids to play in. We have about 10 inches--not too much, not too little, just nice :)

Your newest crocheted animals are so cute and the kids baking looks very tasty. Your husband doesn't like pancakes??? Oh, my!!

So sorry your home is feeling a bit empty with Kira at school all day, but just think of all the extra time you'll have to create!!

Enjoy your week, Annette :)

♥ Nia zei

Gorgeous hair do! :)))))
Ohhh you wished for snow? It is fun to play but.... So freaking cold :p lol
Loooove the doll! I miss my ami :)))