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vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

Really on a roll...

.............. with my crafting
I got the tast back.
♥Having so much fun♥

♥ * ♥

Let's start with another update of Jingles.
I'm trying do get up with the rest.
As it is now October, so I wanne try and finish 10 parts, and most of the border.
I was working on Let it snow.........
........and as this is such a little piece it finished very quickly.
So I started the one next to it, and ALMOST finished, as I haven't run out of white thread .
But only a few pieces left.
I show you how my piece is looking
As you see I made it hard for my self, I made the pieces criss cross, did a bit of the border each time so I could do the next part.
I'm now working on Deck the Halls and that the one totally above left, all the colors except white.
My sweet friends Petra send me a bit of her color as she isn't using it.
If the mailmen is sweet to me, I will get it tomorrow and will try and finish the both pieces and then I'm done for the month.
I only have left the 2 big pieces in the middle and the whole border.
I think that will work out great!!! ;)))

* ♥ *

Then I thought lets dust of Somebunny, as I still love to finish it this year
Aren't those colors the most beautiull one?? =)) ♥
I'm trying to finish this do, it's to pretty to get dusty

♥ * ♥

About my crochet pieces.
Here are first pieces
( Hat where do you go with that little girl)

 Both kids with ther new winter hats.
I changed the one for Kira a bit, so need to make a new pic.
Noah is so proud of it, yesterday morning he wanted it on his head to school, and everybosy who said something about it he said back.
My mommy made it for me.. ♥ ♥

* ♥ * 

About the apples.
They are very small, and not for eating, more for decoration.
So what are we doing with them?

We are making wreaths of them..
We are not finished, as it is a lot of work.

But the kids love it..
My bucket is almost empty, and teh other apples are up high in the tree, so this week need to look very sweet to hubby with my puppy eyes, and ask if he will get more for us.. ♥ ♥ =)) ♥ ♥

So more about the apple wreath later.

♥ * ♥

Let's end this post with my beautifull flowers.
One off my favorite
I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Zo leuk die foto met de muts van je dochter! Je winter borduurwerk is leuk. En mooie bloemen.

Pauline zei

Je gaat weer lekker!!

Annie zei

Stitching is looking good. Nice warm hats for the kids. I never noticed til now how much those two look alike!

Pam in IL zei

Great stitching! Your models are adorable!!!

Anoniem zei

great stitching, great pictures

Preeti zei

Great progress on your stitching !! Somebunny is looking cute!! Your kids are looking cute with their hats and making their mommy famous :)
Nice to see you crafting together with kids. I love Gerbera flowers too but I was never successful in growing them at home. They are very slow progressing plants. Do you have them in your garden?

Angel zei

Lekker bezig!
Oh, gaan somebunny en jingles afkomen...spannend!
De mutsen zijn ook leuk al hoop ik nog even dat ze nog niet nodig gaan zijn;-)
Veel knutselplezier!

cucki zei

Great stitching and lovely pictures xx

Mii Stitch zei

Sweet little crosses and super cool hats for the kids!! :)

Carol zei

No wonder the kids are so proud of their new hats--they are so beautiful, Annette :) Love how long Kira's blonde hair is getting--so, so lovely :)

And good for you for doing so much stitching--you are on a roll, indeed!!

Will look forward to seeing those pretty apple wreaths :) Have a fun weekend with the kids!

♥ Nia zei

More about the wreath and the hats on this post but i started reading the newest posts.. I Should have started by reading from here!
You did a great work on jingles! Congrats for keeping it up sweetie! I feel like this didn't really help anything as a SAL.. There weren't the monthly updates, right? Not everyone was showing their progress each month... Without that, doesn't really feel much as a SAL :( Sorry for my part! I never imagined i would stitch so little this year... =/