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vrijdag 14 maart 2014

~ Spring is still here ~

For the whole week we still had Spring.
For this weekend they say a bit of rain, and next week not that beautifull anymore, but for now it's really awesome.

We are enjoying it so much...
Yesterday went with Kira to my favorite garden center, I still had some gift vouchers 
( not anymore now.. lol)

♥ We had awesome time. ♥
It's a very beautifull garden centrum as you see at the above pic =)))

Kira wanted to try out all the sitting and lying pieces...
We had fun..
And I found new inspiration for many more wreaths.


I got some flowers for the garden, and Kira found a big ladybug to put in the garden
Also got it in my head to be painting some tray's and my apple crate.
I have been working so much in the garden, awesome with this weather.
I only have to cut 2 more tree's and sowing some plants then back-garden is finished.
But for the front-garden I need some rain, the ground is to hard


With March being here, I fell totally in love with sheeps..
So crafting sheeps.
The first are finished
 In a painted try with a lovely spring flower
In the package was enough to make another sheep, or maybe 2, so will make more.


And working on a new piece
Can you guess what it is??
Enjoy the weather, hope that in the USA the snow is melting and not new is falling, I;m sending many sunshines

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Altijd leuk Intratuin!
Erg leuke schaapjes zeg!Schattig.

angelina zei

Ziet er ook heel gezellig uit op de foto's! Ben benieuwd wat je aan het maken bent, het ziet er in ieder geval nu al heel leuk uit!

Petra zei

It really looks like you 2 had a lovely day at the garden centre.
And you did a lovely job with those little sheeps


Stitching Noni zei

Oh how gorgeous! Love the photos of the garden centre :)
Kira looks like she had a great time. And I love your sheep and Spring display :)
Hugs x

Preeti zei

You had a great day at the garden with kids:) sheep look very sweet. Enjoy the spring!!

Rita zei

You seem to had a wonderful time with Kira on that garden center. So many beautiful things:))
I like your garden a lot..its beautiful! Can't wait to see all that in bloom!:D

I also have a small garden in the front and in the back but i confess that i'm not a garden person lol I just don't have any skills for that and i even let my flowers die because i forget to give them water! Everybody laughs at me and already know that i just can't have plants loll

Maybe some day, when i have more free time i can enjoy it! :)

Loved those sheeps!!! Just lovely!:)

kisses and have a great weekend! (maybe the rain won't be too much and you still can be outside with the kids:)))

Annie zei

Looks like so much fun. Love the photo of Kira in the hammock. And your little sheep are just the cutest. I see a bunny taking shape!

Lumiruusu zei

Hello Annette and thank You for visiting my little blog again!
I so am happy You liked all my romantic style stitchings and the flowers! Your gray wooden-tray with a primrose ,little sheeps and the stitched Spring Ornament is just fabulous !
Enjoy Your crafting!

♥ Nia zei

Great pics :D Rui started working on our garden today, after the bad winter we had, there was a lot to clean an Pd take ├žare =/
March is such a happy time to make some pretty decorations :) and you are doing it for sure! Loooove the sheeps :)) so cute!
Kira's photo looks so fun :D

Valma zei

I love those kind of shops !!
We have some in Belgium, if we want to find everything for the garden we have to go to Belgium, it's really cheaper and we can see so many beautiful things that we don't have here ! it's not that far :)
it seems you had a very great moment
this little girl is really over cute :)
I so love your sheep too ! very well done
it seems today Spring has difficulties to wake up !!! I hope it won't go away as fast as it arrived !!!
have a great week
big big hugs