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dinsdag 14 januari 2014

♥ Pink ♥ Pink ♥ Pink ♥

Anyone getting tired of all the white here on my blog???
Sorry it's my favorite color :P

But this is going to be a very PINK post, so put on you sunglasses. =))))

I've making many big projects the last months, 1 is still not finished and that is Kira's Blanket.
It's almost finish, but not yet
This is a old photo of the blanket, but it's more to show how not girlie Kira's room still was..
She even still had no curtains..
Remember that a few post back, I started with a note NEVER TO SEW CURTAINS again..
Now let me tell you that I bought curtain fabric when Kira was 2 months old, and just last year before Xmas I sewed them..
The reason, I was so afaraid of the big project.. 
And I can tell you this was the first and the LAST time EVER that i will sew curtain..
I have been frogging so much.. 

1 evening of sewing 
... became
2 DAYS of frogging, 
.....became 1 evening of sewing again..
But I did it!!!
 The color on the pic below is the right color off the curtains.. she is loving it so much.. 
And can you imagine the room only is 2 metre by 2,5 metre, so it's looking even smaller now and very PINK..
 but she is loving it!!
And I do too
Here you can see how the blanket is now..
At the right was the blanket already wash so it shrank a bit. so on the left I need to at more to get it in the right size..
So wanne attach in the front 2 or 3 rows more, and at the top also 1 or 2 more.. then I will wash it before giving it a egde..

♥ ♥ ♥

Then after making Noah a memoboard you can see on this post ( scroll down to below)
I made Kira also a board, but never finished it off.

I did that last weekend
Kira is so happy.

Tomorrow DH is going to hang it in her room
Now she can put her favorite photo's/cards in it and all her pins.. 
In the years we lost a few.. 
And still enough room, so this year will make a lot of hairpins

♥ ♥ ♥

Is it pink enough???
Oke got another real pink project finished.
A XL yarn crochet pillow.

I bought the yarn a while back ( got it in blue for Noah too)
And started making a rows
And after a few hours it was done..
This is made on Hook 10. so a very fast job.
I didn't had enough for the back, so sewn fleece to the back
When I put it in her room, It was even she same color as the curtains.. so perfect match
The total pillow is made in 24 hours.. that really awesome for me.. hihi
Kira kept a good eye on me if I did it all good :)))) 
This is the back, it's a pillow case, so I can was it when I want

And Kira loves the back for her cuddles....
Look at the pic below

All three of her sheeps need to sleep like this every night now..
She has 2 more cuddles, a horse and dog.. I found a XL yarn basket I made a while back, there the horse is sleeping in.
And for the dog I;m making a white XL yarn crochet basket.. but that's still a WIP.
More of that next..

Kira really can't wait till her birthday.
I made a awesome crochet doll as a gift, and this afternoon was working on a apron, I also wanne sew 2 pillows.. so I will be busy between school/work/kids/cleaning and a little bit of sleep before Saterday
More colors soon... 

Need to change in my work clothing now.. have a great evening!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

15 opmerkingen:

♥ Nia zei

I love this post :D heheheh
Not only for the pink but for all the great work mamma did :D Wonderful!!

Don't feel bad with the curtain, it's always like that, when we make a new project.. the first time always comes with some frogging hours attached ;) heheheh The good work is not giving up, start again and try one more time. You did it!! :D

Love the memoboard :D
How did you do that? Those flower buttons are attatched to the board? Only free space on the white ribbons, correct?
Ohhh and I see some sweet felt hairclips :) I know those =) hehehehe Does Kira enjoy them? let me know, I can make more anytime! Different flowers or pompons with different colors, it's no trouble at all! Really ;)

What happened with the blanket, did you wash it with hot water? It's not supposed to shrink.. should we only wash those kind of blankets with cold water?!
The pillow looks awesome too! That's made with that yarn we talked about a while ago, here it's called trapilho, right? I need to make some things with that yarn too ;) Looks great!! :D

Well done sweetie!! Great works! Five starts for crafty mamma :D

Valma zei

I'm NEVER fed up of pink =D
there's not enough pink in our lives =D
Kira is going to have the most beautiful smaller bedroom =D
really, 2m x 2,5 ?
Even for Nia it is small =D
you did wonderful pieces again
and I'm sure she loves everything and will love what you're preparing
this memoboard is so beautiful !
so sorry to read for the blanket :-/
you spent so much time on it...
kiss Kira for me
big hugs to you

angelina zei

Kira is vast blij met zo'n mama!! Je mag trots zijn op je gordijnen hoor! Ik vind ze super mooi geworden! En je kussen ook! En je denken word ook geweldig.. ik heb pas nog weer geprobeerd te haken maar echt geen succes! Vind je pop ook zo geweldig!! :-)

Liefs Angelina

Stitching Noni zei

What's the old saying... Good things come in small packages!! Kira's room is going to be adorable with all that lovely pink. You have been very busy - well done on getting the curtains done (even if there was some frogging involved)
Love what Kira has done with the cushion :)
Hugs xx

Marion zei

Wat leuk allemaal Annette, je bent maar druk. 2014 is heel goed begonnen.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Annie zei

Valentine's Day is coming so it's appropriate to be "in the pink". Love all the variety of projects. So cute to have a pocket for the animals in the pillow!

Preeti zei

You made so many lovely things for Kira!!:)
The curtains look very beautiful !! I can understand how frustrating it is to spend more time in frogging than in making.
I love the pink cushion and you have done the back so neatly !! Hope you get the right shape for the blanket, it looks very pretty:) I haven't yet taken a plunge in blanket making. I always find it as an intimidating task.

Pauline zei

Het is wel een heel leuk kamertje geworden!

Carol zei

Positively pink perfection!! You are so creative, Annette... Glad you finished the curtains--they look great even if they did give you some troubles. And how nice that you can make the blanket "grow" simply by adding new squares :)

That memo board is awesome--sure to be filled with all of Kira's favorite memories as she gets older! You did a beautiful job on it. And the photo of her three sheep in the pillow is adorable!

I still can't believe she has another birthday coming up--can't wait to see the photos from it!! Have fun with the planning :)

olifantje68 zei

Woow, wat heeft kira een mooie kamer gekregen
Mooi toch , dat roze, en je deken word ook geweldig mooi
J bent zo heerlijk druk bezig
Op naar je volgende update, hihihi
groetjes Annie

Daniela zei

I just love it!!!
OMG you are really creative Annette! I understand why Kira is so happy with her bedroom! Small but really beautiful!
The curtains, it may give a lot of work but they are perfect! And it's how whe learn to do things, just never give up, next time will be easier!
The memoboard is adorable!
The pillow is really a perfect match for the curtains!
Congratz for you inspiration, the pink room is just gorgeous :)
Hugs ***

Mylene zei

wow! You're such a super crafty mommy!
Love all those pinks.
The curtains looks great, sorry though about the frogging.

Marie-Jeanne zei

Heel mooi kamertje, knap werk.
Gr, M-J.

Bernadett zei

Oh my,my elder daughter's favourite color was oink.So her room was painted pink with Princess bed clothing...So I know this pink mania...and then suddenly..."Mummy,I am fed up with pink...I like green..." So now it is green mania...:D But fortunately my younger daughter loves oink now.:D
The blanket is wonderful and the pillow,too.You are a real expert...And the board for the photos...marvelous.:)

Hugs and kisses.:)
Have a nice weekend.:)

Rita zei

ohh pink is never not enough for a girl's room!! I don't know what pink is, because i have a boy, but if i had a girl (maybe in this next time:p) i also would choose many pink:DD
So, loved the curtains!! I'm sure it was a really good fight with the sewing thing (i couldn't!), but it was worth it, because they become beautiful in the bedroom! :)

And the pillow is too that crochet!! And matches perfectly with the curtains and it's also a bed for all her puppies and so lol I think its great how girls always have dolls and puppies and some teddy bears. Guilherme doesn't have nothing of that...just cars lol

Loved the memoboard!! I think its a great idea for Kira! For her to put pictures and things that she likes over the years and save it all there...loved it!!

So many beautiful things here. You are really a crafty mamma!! I wish i would so many!! :(