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zondag 21 april 2013

Hi there ♥

Is it already 10 days ago, since my last post..
I often loose my craft mojo, but this time lost my blog mojo.. too busy crafting.

I still love looking at all your blogs..
I love Bloglovin, so I can see al what you write and make.
I commented on most blog this week, still a few I need to do, but new post are already there

My mailbox.... you don't want to go there.. lol..
This week i will get myself up to date again..

But for the craftings.. I will show some pieces I have been working on.

After showing my B-day garland I made for my niece on facebook, a colleague asked if I would make one for her granddaughter first birthday.
So I did, and this it the one. ;))
I was in love while making this one.. al that pink ♥♥♥

My LK April piece is also finished and finished off.
LK pieces are so cute!!!

Today is the b-day of Noah's girlfriend.
She has beautifull Orange hair, and her mother can do the most beautifull things with it.
So I thought to make some lovely things to help her. =)))
Look at al those beauty's.. ;)))
I'm in love ♥ ♥

I really need to make more for Kira..

Next post will show 2 hair pins I made Kira.. they really are to cute!! =)))

I just came out of the night shift, and sometimes there was some time to craft so I made these bracelets.
I crochet them..

I really love them, wanne make more colors of them.
Kira is in love to and Noah's girlfriend also, so more in different sides will be maked this week.

At this moment I'm making  Englisch liquorice... 
Those are so yummy, but these are good for a

I can't find my black crochet yarn anywhere, so I think I'm out off it, need to order new ones.
then I can finish this.. 

I alreay have a lovely jar to put it in.. so Love this new project.. 
It's from a book I got for Sinterklaas 2 years ago.

So I'm off to bed, still many days off, and then the night shift again..
I'm going to craft a lot ... ( I will try )

Also many sun at this moment here, so a lot of times outside

Noah wanted to picknick in the garden =))))

Have a wonderfull week, wish you all the sunshine, and a wonderfull craft time

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

je bent weer heel druk geweest zo te zien
Mooie werkjes weer hoor
En wat een leuke hoofdfoto heb je van de kinderen erop gezet, weg met de sneeuw, hihihi
Fijne week
groetjes Annie

Anoniem zei

Leuk berichtje weer Annette !
Groetjes, Karina

Carol zei

Ha ha--you're getting like me, Annette--losing your blogging mojo :) Glad to see you've still been crafting, though... Everything looks great and I think that is so nice of you to make those cute hairbands for Noah's girlfriend--love the Hello, Kitty one!

How nice to have all the warm sunny days--hope they continue. I'm sure the kids love being outside in the fresh air. Enjoy your week!

Annie zei

Glad to see your human craft machine is still hard at work! Lots of cute pieces and it's nice to see Spring finally coming your way!

Everything looks pretty, but I really love those cute little hair bands with the roses and bows!

Dani - tkdchick zei

Your LK finish is cute!

♥ Nia zei

ohhh can I join the picnik?? :D
Love to see you all so busy because you're crafting :D lots of things to show us now!! But I have to say that I miss you, here, on twitter, everywhere!! come back!! :p LOL
Just don't stay away for too long, ok? ;)

I love your crochet bracelets!! simples and really cute! love it!! :D
I stitched that same LK last year, it's so sweet =)
ohh the little hair bow is adorable! I have to make one of those too :D
Well done sweetie! You are working well ;) hhehheh
Hugs!!!!!! :D xoxo

cucki zei

sweet finish..
sending you big hugs x

Carla zei

Lovely finishes, Annette!

Anne zei

Love your Lizzie Kate design finished off Annette! It's adorable! Your children look like they are having so much fun out in the Spring sunshine!! Happy Day! :)

Valma zei

so sweet pictures here =D
The kids are lovely, we had sun too last week but couldn't remove our pulls and scarves !! still too cold ..lot's of wind ... but to see the sun back is so great
you did lovely pieces sweetie
I wish I was a little girl to have those pins & bows in my hair =D
Big big hugs