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woensdag 5 oktober 2011

A lot of stitches made ;P

I've been a few days free, and Noah is getting more to school, Kira has her naps...=)))))
So I was a lot in a stitching mood, also last weekend it was very quiet on my job, not much patients to take care of, so brought my stitching with me..
This is how far I got ;):

Let's begin with the CrossStitcher Owl

He is progressing well... a lot of fun to stitch... every time choosing above my DMC colors which I will use ;) hihi

Then my cute little cupcake
I was missing the pink, but got it today, so in my next post this will be finished

Then on Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog there is beautifull Christmas SAL, and I needed to start it.... it's such a beautifull design. This is how far I gotI finished all the cross stitches, now only have to do the back stitches. It's so cute, and then part 2!

Then on a Dutch club where I'm member they also started a SAL... and I needed to make that one to... so darn cute, Not much progress, but I started it So many beautifull colors... It's stitched with Color Variations

Hihi If I haddn't enough piece I started also a halloween piece... The Margaret Sherry Pumpkin Pie
So Now I have enough pieces to keep me busy for a while.

Last week I orded a book to make dolls... DH was telling me a few weeks back that Kira only was playing with cars, and she is a girl, and girl play with dolls.. :):) LOL.
This book is so great I saw it many times, and finally bought it

The four above I love to try and make... Noah also wanted a doll... so he will get a boy's doll and many the train.

He are the two cutiesBoth where made this afternoon, I need to go in the back of the garden and Noah followed me on my was to funny.. so running to my camera sayng to Noah that he needed to wait..... and Kira, she just got out of bed so didn't do her hair yet.. I was chocked yesterday I have her this bottle and she put in up and dronk it empy... I didn't know what I saw!! ;):)

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!

I love reading them!!

♥ Have a great day ♥

12 opmerkingen:

Saskia zei

Tjonge jonge, had je nog niet genoeg te doen. Dacht dat ik met veel tegelijk bezig was, maar jij kunt er ook wat van, lol.Ik moet haast gaan maken met mijn uil hier zie ik.
Ben benieuwd hoe dat ene werkje moet worden.
En zeker heel benieuwd of het gaat lukken met je poppen (vast wel)


Olga Visser zei

Leuke beginnetjes, Annette! de uil begint echt form krijgen en Santa van MS ook, wat ga er maken?


Katrien zei

Kira is growing so fast :)
The cupcake is just adorable!
De overige werkjes mogen er ook zijn :)

Mylene zei

I am so jealous here..want...want to stitch too but can't spare the time, still busy with work and other things.
Such cute pictures of the kids!

Annie zei

You definitely have enough stitching projects going to keep you occupied! Everything is coming along nicely.

The doll book looks like it has a lot of cute projects for you.

Love all of that blond hair -- I need sunglasses to look at those two cuties!

Unknown zei

Die cupcake is ├ęcht mijn favoriet ertussenuit, zo lief.

Maar het uiltje is ook heel erg mooi aan het worden, benieuwd voor wanneer het af is.

En de kerstman... e goh ja eigelijk alles he ;-)

Ik ben ook al helemaal in kerstmood, blij dat ik niet de enige ben !

Pauline zei

Wat een leuke dingetjes weer!
En dat boek ziet er geweldig uit!

miek zei

wie heeft er toch ooit gezegd tegen mij dat ik wel met veel dingen tegelijk bezig was? mmmm... ja dat was jij hahaha.
leuk hoor,ben benieuwd naar alles.
je zou die foto Noah moeten laten zien als hij 18 jaar wordt hahahaa
kira ziet natuurlijk veel van hoe Noah dingen doet, je hebt een super talentje in huis..

♥ Nia zei

Wow!!!! Your needles are on fire sweetie! You've stitched so much!! Good work! :D
ahahahah Noah in high heels!! LOL :D
Have a lovely day sweetie =) hugs!!

Doni zei

Wow Annette, you are really coming along nicely on all your cross stitch projects! And you do such nice work!

I laughed out loud at what your DH said that Kira should be playing with dolls. That was funny! And Noah walking in your shoes made me laugh too. lol What cuties they both are! :)

Carol zei

How nice to have some extra stitching time this week, Annette! You sure have been busy!

Kira's hair is getting so long and pretty--and those blue eyes--wow!! Love Noah in your shoes--too cute :)

Hetti zei

Wow Annette, volgens mij zie je nog kruissteekjes als je in bed ligt! Zou wel makkelijk zijn he, in je slaap borduren ;-))

En die 2 schatjes, heerlijk om te zien!