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vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Sewing and Crochet

Ater a few post without carft pictures, now a post with only carft pic's.
First I made 10 cute baby balls for a order.
They are so much fun to make:

Tonight I finish another 10 I was working on, But they are for the next post

I'm also working on some little play cloths These are almost finished at this moment.

Then some crochet flowers hair clips:These are so much fun to make, I wanne make more.. every little girl, should have one in her hair:):)

And for the boy's I'm trying something out, my friend helped me with the pattern and this is what i made of itaren't they cute for boys???? ;)

All of these things I'm making, I'm making to sell. In 2 weeks we have a little fair here in our small town, and my friend ( who is in the organization) asked me If I would like it to sell some home made carft.... (it's a dream for me, that I hope some day will come true)... So I'm making some small things...
As DH is warning me about for some time now, I started to late, so the next 2 weeks I will be very busy... also I start pears picking next week for 4 weeks, and in 2 weeks I have vacation, and 2 days later is this fair.... So not so much time to blog, and a lot of time needed to craft...
So every evening I don't have to sewing machine is working overtime, during the day I'm too busy with my lovely children, my home and garden, and also some pear picking.
Dh also has vacation, so when I'm pear picking he stay's with the kids.

If you wondering why I do that ( who takes vacation to pick pears... it must be a crazy girl. ... yes I am)..mmmmmm.... From I was a little girl I loved to be on a farm, In my teenage years a friend of mine lived on a farm and every summer holiday I worked at there farm. Then I went to a farm-school, but I didn't saw any future in there, so I decided to look for a cute farmer...... :(:( No luck there.
I started working in a nursinghome (what I still do with so much love), what is only indoors, and I love working outdoors too... at that time my neighbour found a farmer:( and he asked me if I would help him picking his orchard empty, and I like it very much. The next year my friend she told me she picked pears here in twon. I tryed it, and now 6 years later, I still love to do it... I do have a new boss since last year aor and still love it... So please let it be dry from next week for another 4 weeks........ Yes some of you have a lot of sun... Here in teh Netherlands we have a lot of rain, At the moment we have 2 dry days, but that will change this weekend

I know what your all are thinking.... hihi ;) I'm a bit crazy... I know...

Oops It's way past my bedtime, I'm going to sleep, have a great weekend

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!

I love reading them!!

♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Oh ! ik ben compleet weg van je stoffen balletjes, heb je daar een patroontje van? Zo mooi seg !

En ook die speeldoekjes zijn super, én je haarklemmetjes ook al (je hebt gelijk, elke kleine en grote dame hoort er zo'n te hebben ;-) ).

ook de autootjes zijn supergoed gelukt, knap werk !

En je bent maar een beetje gek ;-) maar da's plezant gek, dat mag he !

Pauline zei

Dat autootje is helemaal super!

Carol zei

Oh, you sure have been busy, Annette--such cute things you're making for the craft fair. I hope you get lots done in the next few weeks and manage to sell a lot :)

I had no idea they grew pears in The Netherlands! I think I would be nervous climbing the ladder to pick the pears! But, you will be working outside so I know you'll be happy...

Enjoy your busy weekend :)

Saskia zei

oooooooooooooooo je labeldoekjes zijn zoooooooo liefffffff. en die autootjes dan echt super!

Hetti zei

Je hebt leuke speeltjes gemaakt Annette voor de verkoop.
Lekker doornaaien en je hebt een hele kraam vol, het gaat zeker lukken, veel succes ermee!

Annie zei

You make so many cute things, I'm sure they will sell well.

4 weeks of pear picking, huh? Not for me, but I hope you enjoy it!

miek zei

wat ziet dat er gezellig uit al die ballen en de knuffel dingen.
dat wordt een leuke opvallende kraam, ik denk dat ze op school ook wel blij zullen zijn met de kadootjes.

♥ Nia zei

Hi sweetie! :D I missed you these last few days! Now I back in active ;) hehehhe
And you have been quite busy! so many things!! Those balls are really cute and so colorful!
Good work!!! :D
I understand you, an open air activity is really good for us, and so much fun!! :D I hope you'll enjoy it and still manage to have some time for your crafts too ;)
Hus&smiles!!! have a great week :)

Doni zei

Annette, I love all your projects! I did a craft fair one time and I too started working on things late and was working non-stop trying to get my things made. It was hard work, but lots of fun. :) I hope you sell all your things! :)

And your pear picking sounds like fun too. :)

Katrien zei

knap gedaan weer. Je bent echt zo getalenteerd, ik geniet telkens van je foto's