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zondag 2 januari 2011

Happy New Year!!!

First, I wanna thank everyone for there lovely comment on my last post about our grandfather passing away. It meant the world to me to read them!!!

I wanna wish everyone a happy new year.. Hopefully no-one gots hurt!!
It's going to be a new year with new changes and a new challenge, and hopefully a healty little baby.
Last year I made goals, but didn't make them all..
This year my goal is FINISH WHAT I START!!
I need to finish everything I started last year so:
* Lizzie Kate SAL
* Birth sampler
* Panda Days
* Bumba
* And make growth chart for the baby
And for the rest sew, crochet and stitch as much as I can..

I still have a lot of contractions so need to take it easy, but I can sit still so need to craft or blog..hihi
On 31th of Dec my easy-sitting work was baking, I baked a lot with the help of DH.
Look at the pictures:


Sausage, cheese and ham-cheese rolls

Don't know a translation for this think meat-bread it closed by, we call them worstenbroodjes

This is typically Dutch what we eat on New Year's Eve : oliebollen and appelbeignets (fritters)
And they where all yummy...

I don't wanted to go outside with Noah because in the street there where a lot of boys playing with fireworks, so DH set off some firework in the backyard and I putted Noah in the window-legde

Then the crafting I did.. Today I started stitching again... I so lost my stitching mojo, but is getting back piece by piece.
I stitch a bit on my secret project and on the birthsampler: I doubt a lot about this piece, but I'm going to stitch it and when it done I will see what I'm going to do with it!

Then do you remember my January Lizzie Kate here is it finished of in a flatfold
Only need to attach the buttons, found a website where I can order them, so when I know with colors I need then I order them... I'm very pleased with the result.
For the ones who also wanna make a flatfold I always use this tutorial!!

Then I say my new year plans are finish what I started, in my last post I showed a crochet piece of the candle light and sad to make another, then I need to start another before crochet something else.. yesterday I started itAnd today did a bit more crochet on it Also have done a bit of other crafting with wol, I made pompom's. A while back when I was googleling I saw a beautifull pictures but can't find it anymore, but still knows how it looks like and trying to make it too
I so love how they look like!!
See the cute bear, I found it a while back on the attic, I made it many years ago.

My new decoration color in house is white as you can see in my last few posts... and still have a lot of new ideas to make of all kinds of beautifull white things... So more is coming.
For many years I loved white, but everytime still used colors, but from now off it's al going to be white!!

Before I forgot I got a email today that I won the give-away from Patty, can't wait to see the beautifull piece see made for me!!

Thank you all for visiting my blog, please come back to see more beautifull things I'm going to make

7 opmerkingen:

Lumiruusu zei

All you bakings looked so delocious!

The Lizzie Kate flatfold was amazing ,you really made a wonderfull job with the finishing!!

I have only make "pinkeeps " but never a flatfold,they look so complicated.

I will check the tutorial you gave .. maybe I could trye to do one..??

The white pom-poms were lovey and I loved the white lace on the glass items..
As You know I love white,pink and red colours so I will be happy to see more of your white decorating..

Annie zei

That food looks so yummy!

What fun for Noah to watch the fireworks from the window, safe and sound, but still able to see the fun stuff!

Have fun this year trying to finish everything you start. Not an easy thing to do!

Ranae zei

First of all let me start by saying I am so sorry for your loss, I am just playing catch up and read it.
Now.. on a better note, this post looks delicious, I love seeing food on post along with stitching, lol
I love the snowman flatfold, great job
Happy 2011 stitching!!!!

Virpi zei

Your stitching progresses so nice. I like especially the baby Winnie the Pooh. The characters are super cute. zei

ach Annette ,het is nu na zes uur en ik moet nog eten ... zie ik hier nu al dat lekkers voorbij komen.....mmmmmm ! Winnie the pooh wordt heel schattig ;) !

♥ Nia zei

I love that idea with pompoms! Reminds me of dandelions =) Adorable.
Happy 2011!! :D

Katrien zei

Dat zag er allemaal overheerlijk uit! (en dat terwijl je het dan nog rustig aan deed, amai).
De geboortelap ziet er zoooo schattig uit :) En je crochet: heel mooi.
En wat leuk, een flatfold van de LK-SAL.