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zaterdag 20 november 2010

No stitching update's But...

I still have some things to show.
This week I wasn't able to stitch, but I can't sit still, so tried my other crafts.
A few post back I showed you the overall that I was making for Noah, last week I was stuck because of the market went away urly because of the storm, but this week I bought the stuff I missed.
So here it is finished and way to BIG!!!!!:

You can see it's to big, but so I don't have to make another one next year!!
Today I started on the overall for Mika, the upper piece is almost done.

I also tried some more Sinterklaas felt craft, first made a second Pepernoten wreath and put it in a tray. When I was reading some blogs I saw this beautifull wreath, I was very inspired so made this for start: The also where candy in the tray but it didn't survive with Noah and DH (and me...)

Made it al out of my hand, trying and trying and if I looks like something then stop!!! In the gift I put cardboard this was also a tip from Corina (the link), I love how it looks.
And I made these TrapezePietjes:

Wanne try to make some more Sinterklaas Felt craft..

Last week my newest nephew where baptized, in the morning my SIL asked us to come urly to go to a inside children playground. My godchild and Noah has so much fun!!

At the moment we are in a sticker mood, Noah is going to the toilet every day and when he does something on it he gets a sticker. Monday we started (we have been trying more, but when he don't wanted anymore we quit) again with peeing, no diaper during the day. From monday till today we where to late for 3 times, the rest al on the toilet. I'm so proud om my babyboy!!!
Noah is so in love with stickersEspecially on his face

This morning we to the gym with Noah for the second time... darn forgot my camera again!!!
This afternoon Sinterklaas came to our village, so we went to look.
Two Pieten where looking for Sinterklaas they could not find him, so al the kids of the village went with the Pieten to look for Sinterklaas.. and yes after a while we found him.. he was still sleeping, he almost forgot us. We all whent to the townhouse and celebrated with him. Noah was very afraid of the Pieten and Sinterklaas, he loved looking at them from a distance, but when we got close, he tured his head. In the townhouse he crawled under the chairs...hihi. and then we went home
If you look good you can see Sinterklaas behind Noah and DH
He walked along inbetween the children
Here you can see Sinterklaas sitting on his chair and Panic Piet (yes they al have a name) singing with the children
Noah isn't a child who loves sitting stil so ....

Sinterklaas is not gone yet so maybe we see hem again before he goes home on the 6th of December

Thanks all for stopping by and leaving a comment.

8 opmerkingen:

Ranae zei

Cute jumper, at least it is too big and not too small, lol
Adorable felted craft.
I wish they had those play areas when I was a kid, lol they look like so much fun

Annie zei

So much fun going on at your house as usual. I especially love those trapeze dolls!

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel er mooi gemaakt allemaal annette.
En gisteren zijn wij ook naar sinterklaas geweest en daar had julie ok schrik van dus ik denk wel dat het met de leeftijd wat te maken heeft ook.
Groetjes sofie

Lumiruusu zei

You have been busy again,Annette!
The Bisquit Wreath looks amazing,You did really have lot to do with it.
The felted ornament is lovely,so much tiny,little details.

Carol zei

At least boys grow quickly and Noah will fit into his little outfit very soon, Annette--it turned out so nicely! Your wreath and trapeze dolls are so creative!

Little Noah is darling--I remember when my boys were afraid of Santa Claus when they were little, but they were eager to sit on his lap the following year :)

Mylene zei

The jumper turned out great!

Since our kids are bigger now we don't go to the harbour anymore for welcoming the Sint. Much as Chris wants too he is on the mainland for his football competition.
Looks like you are all having fun.

Thanks for the recipe. i will let you know when i get the chance to try it.
Please take care of yourself. zei

De overall is een beetje te groot Annette maar Noah blijft ook niet klein hè .... toch super dat jij dat allemaal kan ...dikke pluim hoor !

Lainey zei

All your craft finishes are wonderful Annette.
Sounds like Noah is doing great with hit toilet training. I;m going through this just now as well, it;s stickers and sweet treats
Hope you are keeping well. Hugs.