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maandag 1 februari 2010

I'm dancing again...... I have another finish.
Saterday my new threads where brought by the postman, so this weekend I stitched and stitched... and so was my cow-baby from Ellen Maurer-Stroh finished.
It love it, the cute little cow-baby.

Soon I hope to start a new baby from EMS, but with a winter theme this time, I think it wil be the christmas Cat with a poinsettia in his hand.
But need to think it through first..

I'm now busy to finish the Fall from the four seasons SAL, it's almost finished. I'm stitching it for a long time now, and I get tired of it, so need to stitch, stich stitch....

I have found a new start te make (after Fall Sal is done).
Here is it, I hope to start it this week..

Normal I order the threads that I need for a piece i'm stitchig. The colors that you need a lot for diffent pieces I have, and for every new piece I just need a few new threads. For a few months now I'm ordering more threads, so I can aggregate al DMC colors.
A few months back I order two large boxes, and one of them is full now.

So now saving for the second box

Years back I bought a DMC book with al the numbering system in it.
On the back you can find al the DMC thread numbers, when I buy a color I strip it of.
Here you can see how many I have at the moment.

From 150 to 900 I have all the colors... no that not true I miss a few, but there are not in stock, so hope to got them soon. When I start a new piece I notice I need to buy a lot less colors then before. It's so ideal

I off to vacuuming with Noah

Thanks all for visiting my blog, and leavind a comment, I love readig them.


7 opmerkingen:

Ranae zei

Your finish is soooo adorable.
Love the design with the horses, that one should be fun.
Lookie!! all them pretty colors, looks like a rainbow

Annie zei

Nice stitching! Sometimes it's fun to just play with your floss, isn't it?

Wendy zei

ehm, ik denk dat je bedoeld "stripe it off " want strip it off betekend eraf trekken .

die dozen heb ik ook, erg handig !
alleen heb ik de kaartjes omhoog staan, dan zie ik het nummer meteen, scheelt een stuk met zoeken als je zoals ik 3 dozen hebt .

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel erg mooi die koe annette.
En die dozen denk ik ook da tik die heb.
Zijn er goede he.
Groetjes sofie

Carla zei

Glad you received your threads for the Cow's so cute !

Mylene zei

Congrats on finishing the Cow baby. So cute!
Not much to do on Leaf Fall, you probably finish it by now. I had seen the whole serie on CSL and it's all beautiful.

Chiloe zei

Beautiful stitching and your next project is awsome ;-) ( Emma is going to be jeaous !!!)

You could order your threads with JJ's collectibles: they are going to have a sale very soon ( these days) That's what I did to get all the DMC's threads .